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Cute little boy talking to Santa Claus while sitting in his lap on Christmas in India
Happy Indian kid in Santa hat sharing his secrets with Santa Claus - Christmas Eve
Old Santa Claus giving Christmas present to a smiling little boy on Christmas in India
Cute little kid in Santa hat opening colorful gift box with Santa Claus - Christmas time
Santa Claus giving a gift box to a cute little boy during Christmas celebration in India
Santa reads a book to a little kid in the living room with beautiful Christmas decorations
A young innocent kid giving a colorful gift to an old unhappy Santa during Christmas time
Still shot of yellow-green rice field in village during daytime in India - organic farming
Beautiful landscape view of yellow-green paddy field with the foggy sky in the background
A group of Indian farmers in village threshing rice by hands at the paddy field - farming concept
Young farmers threshing newly harvested rice stalks by hands - Delhi/NCR, India
Closeup shot of a farmer beating rice stalks on a drum to remove rice grains in India
Two young agricultural laborers threshing paddy in an Indian traditional way of farming
Pan shot of yellow-green rice ears ready for harvesting - organic farming concept
Two Indian villagers taking fodder to feed their cattle from an Indian farmland
Indian worker painting the exterior of the house with yellow paint - renovation concept
Bokeh shot of colorful gift boxes on the occasion of Diwali - the festival of India
Closeup shot of different colorful firecrackers on the festival of Diwali with bokeh effect
Bokeh shot of Diyas, gifts, sweets, and crackers decorated on the occasion of Diwali festival
Bokeh shot of beautiful burning Diyas, gift boxes, sweets and crackers - Hindu Festival Diwali in India
Hands of an Indian woman decorating a table with oil lamps, laddu, crackers, and gifts on Diwali
Tilt shot of colorful firecrackers decorated in a gift box for Diwali celebrations - Hindu Festival in India
Cute Indian girl happily dancing with a party prop against the white background
Cute Indian girl in yellow sunglasses happily showing peace sign in trendy casual wear
Beautiful Indian girl having fun with colored air balloons - kids leisure time
Beautiful young kid happily playing with a magnifying glass against the white background - India
Beautiful Indian girl playing with a bunch of colorful balloons in a pretty casual clothing
Young adorable kid playing with colorful balloons in trendy casual wear - playtime