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Worker checking the temperature of the customers at the entrance of the store - Covid / Corona Scare
Worker polishing metal with grinder - sparks coming out in process
A worker wearing gloves smoothing the uneven metal block with grinding machine
Shot of a worker wearing a helmet and gloves is working with gas welding using copper brazing rod
A middle-aged Indian worker welding metal at a factory
A worker welding at the metal factory in India
A worker welding two metal pieces in a factory
A worker in gloves cutting metal pieces with the grinder at the factory
A worker is heating the molds for metal casting with a blowtorch
An Indian worker cleaning the metal surface with knife in an industry
A worker adjusting the machine before he starts the work
Shot of a worker working on a lathe machine
Closeup Shot of an Industrial worker operating machine industry
An industrial worker is putting water on a drilling machine tip to cool it off
A serious Indian worker is working on a lathe machine
The worker working manually at lathe machine in workshop
A medical worker disinfecting his work area using a white cloth and sanitizer
Male hands of a doctor removing his gloves after completing a successful surgery
Businessman in formal clothes talking to a colleague on a mobile - work from home
Portrait of a frustrated worker working alone on a laptop to meet business deadlines
Office employee wearing formals and a tie discussing business project online - Video conference call
Senior lady doctor prescribing medicines for a patient - remote consultation
An Indian doctor wearing a medical mask measuring the temperature of a patient
Medical worker sanitizing herself - Coronavirus spread prevention concept
Senior physician checking CT Scan / X-Ray of a patient sitting in her clinic
Senior doctor explaining the diagnosis to her female patient - COVID-19 pandemic
A medical worker with a surgical mask filling a syringe with injection - COVID vaccination
Indian medical worker holding an injection dose and a vial - COVID-19 vaccine