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Young office woman talking to someone on her smartphone in her car after work
Tired business woman coming back from office in her car - lifestyle concept
Young fearful girl showing slate with 'stop child labor' text - isolated over white background
Happy Indian woman busy over a video call while riding home in her car
Indian business woman fixing her makeup in car parking before going to her workplace
Young office woman looking in the rearview mirror and putting makeup in her car - modern lifestyle
Business concept - Smart employees working in the office and discussing - IT Company
Tired exhausted employee drinking coffee while working late night in the office
Young Indian office employee sleeping on the desk, working late night - office employee
A worker working at a machine press in a factory
Shot of man dipping metal rod in boiling sand at an industry
Workers taking out hot metal pieces from the furnace at a workshop
Worker polishing metal with grinder - sparks coming out in process
Grinding and smoothing of a metal in a factory - Fire sparks in process
A worker wearing gloves smoothing the uneven metal block with grinding machine
Shot of a worker wearing a helmet and gloves is working with gas welding using copper brazing rod
A labor polishing industrial metal with a machine in India
A skilled laborer welds with brazing torch on metal at an industry
Shot of a man cleaning the extra wax/ grease from the metal
A middle-aged Indian worker welding metal at a factory
A worker welding at the metal factory in India
Hardworking worker working at a metal industry in India
Middle aged labour in an industrial unit in an Indian factory
A factory worker using angle electric grinder at a workshop in India
Shot of a man working on grinding machine at an industry unit in India
A worker welding two metal pieces in a factory
Shot of an Indian worker doing hammer job at a workshop
Two hardworking Indian workers polishing the industrial metal with grinder at a workshop