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A young Indian woman taking out veggies from a paper bag while talking on a phone
A beautiful young girl talking on the phone in the kitchen - Young working woman in the kitchen
An Indian woman offers traditional Gujiya to her guests on the festival of Holi - sweet delicacy, a tasty cuisine
An attractive woman in her thirties talking on her phone - relaxing on a rocking chair, free quality time
A young beautiful village woman using her mobile to make a card payment - Digital India
Portrait of a young Indian woman with black hair practicing yoga in the morning
An attractive villager talking on her mobile at home - Independent village woman
A beautiful village woman counting the money - Independent woman
Serious, thoughtful woman drinking morning tea while sitting alone at her home
Makeup artist applying lip liner to the lips of a young woman - Indian beauty
Confident Indian woman fluently reading a book sitting inside her kitchen
Village scene - Beautiful married woman walking through a field with a clay pot
An Indian village woman carrying a pitcher (Ghara) full of water on her head
Newly married Indian woman checking her phone holding a plate of oil lamps - Diwali decoration
A beautiful young woman happily putting a juice tray on the kitchen slab
Medium shot of an ambitious working woman preparing breakfast before leaving for office
Portrait of a beautiful woman in traditional saree smelling the food in the kitchen
Medium shot of an Indian woman talking on her smartphone while drinking tea/coffee
A medium shot of an aged woman of a village reading a holy book near a farmland
A pretty woman concentrating and making Indian bread in a modern kitchen
Close up shot of a grown-up woman's hand making fresh chapatis in her kitchen
Close up shot of an adult woman's hand making fresh chapatis in her kitchen
An elderly woman and young lady knitting woolen clothes outdoors - hobby concept
Smiling Indian woman applauding while standing against a blurred background
Young sporty woman performing different asanas on a blue mat in sportswear
Woman hands making a bouquet of pink and white flowers - blue background
Indian woman lighting a red candle with a match for Valentine's day celebration in India
Bokeh shot of a pretty Indian woman doing online shopping for Diwali - the festival of India