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A smart young man in casual clothes watering the plants in a beautiful garden
Water splashing of a transparent glass bowl with green pears cut in half
Transparent water droplets / dewdrops falling from a large leaf in the morning
A bunch of red ripe wet plums with a half-eaten one together on a glass table
Hands of a hairdresser putting a towel on his client's wet hair in a beauty salon
A beautiful housewife wearing a white Kurti and Chunni offers traditional Gujiya - Holi celebrations, an Indian sweet, a tasty cuisine
Sick girl laying down on a sofa while mother putting a cool fever gel on the forehead
Handsome young Indian boy wiping his face with a white towel - clean hygienic
Rainfall with a thunderstorm in a residential area - monsoon, nature fury, wild weather
On a rainy day, a street light is shining above a green tree - Monsoon in North India, the rainy season
Rainwater conservation - rainy season in North India, monsoons, raindrops falling in a steel bowl, rainwater droplets
Kerala, India, 1st June 2022, Local fishermen are walking on the beach after catching fish - job, an occupation
Children of an Indian village enjoy spraying water while using a water gun - Holi celebrations, Pichkari
A young couple playing with a water gun during Holi celebrations - Pichkari, water splash, childhood games
Cute school friends playing with water gun for Holi - Pichkari, happy childhood, leisure time
A smiling pretty woman touching her smooth and soft hair - hair care, soft and silky hair, hair treatment, hair mask results
A young man rubbing and washing his hands in a white pot - cleanliness and hygiene
Water droplets / raindrops falling from a bunch of red roses outdoors - dew drops
Beautiful girlfriends wearing a serum mask at home while resting on the bed
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 19th December 2020, A bare-chested man is having a bath in the dirty Yamuna river
Water is being sprayed on the green whole and sliced pears kept together
Indian sisters wearing jeans and a top putting cucumber slices in their eyes
Big ice cubes are dropped in a transparent glass of beer against glowing lights
Watering plant with a spray bottle - Go Green, Save environment, Plant trees
An annoyed and upset young woman brushing her entangled and frizzy hair
Human hand dipping a homemade and crispy biscuit inside a hot glass of tea - Indian Chai
Fresh red ripe plum stacked together rotating on a turntable - a healthy fruit
A half-eaten plum kept with other sweet plums on a jute mat - a healthy fruit