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A middle-aged villager helping his daughter in her studies - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, girl child education
A teenage village girl walks through the wheat field with books in her hand - Girl education, beti bachao beti padhao
A pretty Indian girl with braided hair holding the Indian tricolour flag - Republic or Independence Day, National holiday
A rural couple in traditional wear cheerfully posing for the camera standing on their green farm outdoors
An Indian farmer with a spade in his wheat field - shovel (phawra) on shoulders, village farm, village lifestyle
Portrait of a confident, smiling farmer standing with a stick in his field - village lifestyle
A farmer with moustache talking on his mobile - green farmland, holding a shovel, village lifestyle, modern farmer
An Indian villager putting insecticide/pesticide in the wheat field- harmful chemical, toxic chemical in agriculture, traditional agricultural practises
Indian lady talking on a phone while sitting on a charpai - leisure time, happy woman
A happy Indian farmer talks on his smartphone while taking out hard-earned money from his pocket, a financial concept
An Indian farmer counting Indian currency banknotes - agricultural profit, future investment, agriculture income, wealthy farmer
A mid-aged Indian villager sits alone on the Chaarpai - looking towards the camera
Indian mid-aged village couple using the Internet and doing online shopping - modern Indian villagers
Poor family household in India - A teenage girl sitting on the floor and doing her homework, hard-working child, caring mother
A village girl is sweating while studying under the candle - poor family, hard work, lack of electricity, poor infrastructure
Rajasthan, Pushkar, India, 11th November 2019, A laborer using an ox / bull to take out sesame seed / Til oil, old style oil milling, kachi ghani tel
A middle-aged lady doctor doing a checkup of a teenage girl - medical attention, Anganwadi worker, healthcare in an Indian village
A middle-aged village woman with a primary care physician in the village - rural healthcare system
Middle-class Indian man with a beard sitting with a female patient in the hospital - doctor consultation, sick wife, medical care
Newborn baby in a hospital - Indian father with his newborn baby and sick wife in the hospital, happy parents, new parents with baby
Medical checkup with stethoscope - Female physician checking heart rate of a young female patient - medical attention
Indian female in a hospital room - Hospital patient in the hospital bed for medical treatment - medical and healthcare
A closeup shot of a man wiping his shoes on a rucksack doormat - cleanliness and hygiene
A middle-aged Indian man with shaving cream on his face gliding a razor looking in the mirror - a daily routine, morning hygiene
A middle-aged Indian guy wiping his face after shaving his face - clean-shaven, morning ritual
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A middle-aged man putting his traditional turban - Rajasthani culture, long mustache
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, An old man wearing a white Pagdi is smoking a hashish pipe / Chiliam / weed
A poor man in his late forties is putting coins inside a piggybank - future planning, financial problem