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A handsome bearded farmer happily talking on his mobile in his green farmland - modern villager
Medical checkup with stethoscope - Female physician checking heart rate of a young female patient - medical attention
A middle-aged Indian man with shaving cream on his face gliding a razor looking in the mirror - a daily routine, morning hygiene
A middle-aged Indian guy talking on a video call - use of technology, mobile phone penetration
A portrait of a rural male with stubble - posing for the camera, poor man, daily wage worker
A displeased man sitting alone - depressed, stressed, stressed lifestyle, Indian villager
A poor man from India doing household chores - folding a shirt
A poor man stitching his shirt with a thread and a needle - tailor, occupation, local artisan, karigar, daily wage worker
A middle-aged rural man cooking food at home - slicing potato with a sharp knife, evening meal, poor family, single man
An Indian villager counting hundred rupees banknotes while standing near a tubewell - monthly salary, agricultural profit, Indian currency
A handsome bearded farmer talking on his smartphone while relaxing on a Chaarpai - Green wheat field
An Indian farmer talking on a mobile while sitting in his green field - internet technology
A handsome bearded farmer in traditional clothes walking in his wheat fields - Indian village field, agricultural produce
A middle-aged villager in casual clothes with an Angocha doing a thumbs-up gesture - posing
A handsome Indian farmer with a beard/ mustache talking on his mobile near a tubewell - leisure time, freshwater, agricultural machinery
A married Indian housewife in traditional Sari filling up fresh water for daily use - cooking, an Indian villager
A middle-aged bearded farmer throwing insecticide / pesticide in his wheat field
A sick bearded farmer in traditional clothes coughing with one hand on his chest - medical attention, unwell, viral infection
A middle-aged bearded Indian farmer with a shovel / Phawra in his green farmland - an agricultural tool
An adorable schoolgirl from an Indian village with her father - father-daughter bonding
A happy bearded farmer with a handful of golden wheat grains near a tubewell - agricultural produce, wheat crop
A modern Indian villager working on his laptop while sitting on a woven cot - an electronic gadget, internet technology
A loving father / Indian villager with his small adorable son - happy parenting, parent-child bonding, love and affection
A cheerful Indian farmer counting money while sitting near a tubewell - farm subsidy, bumper crop harvest, agricultural profit, monthly income
A married rural housewife doing a Namaste gesture while talking on a video call - Village lady portrait
A cheerful Indian villager showing her ink-marked index finger after voting - Indian elections, state elections, voter
A happy Indian farmer in Kurta Pajama calculating his last month's salary - salary, farm produce income
An educated Indian farmer happily talking on a video call while using a laptop