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Indian traditional mother happily cooking food in a pot - village lifestyle concept
Village mother teaching her little daughter cooking on a traditional mud oven / Chula
Handsome farmer and his wife in traditional dresses standing in their mustard or sarso field
Handsome Indian husband happy to see his wife in traditional saree on Diwali
A shy woman in a traditional saree talking to her relatives using a mobile sitting in a field
A confident lady dressed in traditional attire holding earthen Diyas - Diwali
An Indian Bengali wife celebrating Deepawali by lighting traditional earthen lamps
A Bengali wife grinding spices in a traditional grinder - Indian Food
A fair looking Bengali lady cooking a traditional tasty dish (pakoras) in her kitchen
A Bengali woman in a red-bordered saree getting ready for a traditional function
Mid shot of an old woman cutting fresh vegetables using a traditional Indian knife
A young woman happily greeting in a traditional Indian namaste - colorful festive background
Young beautiful lady in traditional wear smiling and looking into the camera
Young Indian couple happily smiling looking into the camera in traditional wear
Charming and smiling Indian woman in traditional dress putting tilak on sai baba idol (Sai Pujan)
Happy Indian couple facing towards camera - Wearing ethnic traditional dress for a festival
Closeup shot of a woman cutting mustard using a traditional vegetable cutter / paniki - Indian Village Kitchen
Indian women cutting mustard leaves with traditional cutter / paniki / knife - Indian village home
Village life in India - Indian woman cooking food on a traditional wood fire stove / chulha
A rural Indian woman blowing into a chulha / traditional wood fire stove with a metal pipe
Closeup shot of beautiful traditional bridal jewelry set
Pan shot of gorgeous Indian traditional wedding jewelry
Sarson ka Saag - Indian woman cutting mustard leaf / sarson with a traditional iron cutter
Indian traditional woman holding a copper pot / kalash with coconut and mango leaves for traditional customs
A rural woman blowing with iron pipe into a chulha / traditional wood stove while making roti for her family
An Indian woman sifting and cleaning rice using traditional technique
Rotating bowl full of spicy Indian vegetarian Biryani - delicious famous food
Woman's hand tasting slow-cooked vegetarian Paneer Pulao with a spoon