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Performing gathbandhan wedding ritual which signifies togetherness of bride and groom
An affectionate Indian mother giving a surprise gift to her young daughter - Diwali celebrations
Small Indian kids with their grandparents - Spending time, joint family, playing card games, grandchildren, time pass activity
An old Indian couple chatting and drinking tea/coffee at home - beverage, evening time, old age, retired life
A little schoolgirl is whispering into her mother's ears - sharing her secrets, family bonding, mother-daughter love
A pretty mother and her little daughter blowing soap bubbles while enjoying in winter holidays
A loving mom brushing her daughter's hair - hair care, mother-daughter bonding
A middle-aged Indian guy watching television while his wife is sewing clothes - household work, daily routine, middle-class family
A middle-aged couple and a young boy playing video games using a joystick - a gaming console, modern parenting
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife eating food - Gujarati snacks, homemade food, family bonding
An affectionate Indian mother feeding a Khaman Dhokla and juice to her son - happy parenting, local cuisine
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife doing a Namaste gesture - greeting, respect, traditional way, posing for camera
A middle-aged Indian couple chatting over a cup of tea - free time, togetherness and bonding, lovely couple
A cheerful old Indian lady defeats her husband while playing arm-wrestling - physical strength, fun games
A middle-aged Indian man is feeding a cake to his adorable daughter - Indian grandfather, teenage Indian girl, part time
A happy Indian middle-aged couple and two young kids eating food together - delicious food, Gujarati snack
An affectionate Indian couple feeding Khandvi to each other - a popular Gujarati snack, yellowish, tightly rolled
Young Indian brother-sister studying together while sitting at the dining table - knowledge and education
A middle-aged Indian couple together at home - togetherness and bonding, quality time, couple bonding, nuclear family
A sweet adorable girl studying with her father - happy parenting, togetherness and relationship, Indian single father
Two old Indian men doing an arm-wrestling - physical strength, a competitive match, defeat
Three cheerful Indian friends thumping hands and celebrating - hotel room, vacation time, togetherness and bonding
Himachal Pradesh, India, 1st June 2022, Shot of local kids laughing and having fun together while drinking tea / coffee
An old Indian couple is browsing on a smartphone - use of digital device, screen time
An elderly Indian man is reading a book with his young son and daughter - knowledge and education
A young boy in casual clothes is talking to his father - togetherness and bonding, leisure time, father and son bonding
A teenage girl in casual clothes spending time with her old father - togetherness and bonding, father and daughter
A happy middle-aged Indian man is giving a beautiful gift to his cheerful wife - a marriage anniversary, love and affection