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Mehendi ceremony - Indian wedding. Smiling and happy Bride with her friend on a decorated stage
Chunni ceremony/official engagement of a north Indian girl by mother-in-law
Punjabi bride and groom throwing rice flakes in the holy fire during Indian marriage rituals
Friends taking selfies with the Indian bride and groom after their Jaimala ceremony
Young Indian man taking blessings from his father on his marriage day
Young Indian bride lovingly hugs her father on her wedding day - Hindu wedding
Pretty daughter taking her father's blessings on her marriage ceremony - Indian wedding
Beautiful bride showing her Mehendi/Henna decorated hands to her father
Attractive bride happily standing on the stage with her father - Indian wedding
Village scene of a middle-aged couple happily spending time together at home
Medium shot of an Indian village family eating lunch/dinner together at home
Medium shot of a happy village family having lunch/dinner together at home
Happy Indian housewife braiding child's hair - mother-daughter bonding
Village lady applying Mehendi on child's hand - mother-daughter bonding
Small daughter of a villager applying Mehendi/Henna on her mother's hand
Young mother learning to run a laptop from her daughter - modern villager
Indian boyfriend-girlfriend cheerfully greeting their relatives on a video call
Attractive Indian couple happily talking to their friends over a video call/chat
Young boyfriend-girlfriend happily greeting their friends over a group video chat
Young Indian couple working together and discussing their project plan
Indian couple discussing their credit card statement while sitting together in the living room
Middle-aged Indian farmer giving his hard-earned income to his beautiful wife
North Indian farmer and his wife counting their last month's hard-earned money
Village Scene - Indian village couple smiling while standing in their green fields
Happy village couple having food together during a break from agricultural work
Indian village happy couple enjoying a bicycle ride near the agricultural fields
Indian village parents going to drop their little daughter to school on a bicycle
Married village couple enjoying a bicycle ride together in their agricultural land