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Two college girls drinking warm coffee relaxing at home in winters - enjoying a hot drink, feeling cold, shivering in cold
Indian teen school child wearing headphones taking online classes during the lockdown
Indian mother and daughter sitting in their home kitchen whisking a cake batter
Young mother and teen daughter surfing internet - modern technology
Happy village family - Parents and their two children spending time together
Closeup shot of Indian couple's hands holding a blank green screen mobile phone
Lonely, bored, ill and depressed Indian woman sitting in bed - Lifestyle issues
Indian teen girl stretching and relaxing her arms at home while sitting on a sofa - early morning laziness
Young woman with long hair lovingly hugging a teenage girl - emotional moment
Adult female working on a laptop while a teenage student completing homework
Young mother and daughter of an Indian village using a laptop in their free time
The young teen couple happily posing while clicking selfies in a cafe in India
Happy Indian Family - Young sisters / siblings sitting on the sofa and spending good time with each other
A happy Indian family - Middle-aged Indian couple with their children, family bonding, social values, good parenting, family bonding
An elderly couple and their children partying at home - drinking juice, refreshing drink, celebration time
A loving son celebrating his father's birthday - celebration time, party at home, small nuclear family, happy family
The top shot of a beautiful Indian lady lying on the bed - happy time, relaxing at home, me time at home
Portrait of a young Indian girl listening to songs on her headphones - fun and entertainment, hooked to mobile, smiling
A young Indian girl applying a face pack looking into a small mirror - pampering, face mask, wellness
An attractive Indian girl posing for a selfie on her smartphone - college-going girl, making reels
A young female working from a cafe - outdoor work, colorful background
A pretty Indian girl folding her clothes and packing her bag - household work
Himachal Pradesh, India, 1st June 2022, Two young girls sitting beside the river - sitting on a rock, riverside
An old Indian couple is browsing on a smartphone - use of digital device, screen time
An old Indian couple and their children playing a board game - a childhood game, happy nuclear family, retired parents
A young boy in casual clothes is talking to his father - togetherness and bonding, leisure time, father and son bonding
Father in discussion with young kids while looking at the laptop - online learning - modern technology
A caring father is helping his son with his studies while the mother is knitting - school assignments, hobby