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Smiling woman in her early twenties eating a bowl of freshly made hot noodles
Young girl enjoys eating noodles from a bowl while working on her laptop
Home chef adding flavorful spices and seasonings in the dish to enhance the taste
Beautiful woman preparing tasty vegetable salad sitting in the kitchen at home
Portrait of a young Indian girl smelling the delicious aroma of a freshly-baked cake
Indian home baker / food blogger with a freshly prepared cake - baking concept
Female cook's hand sprinkling confetti sugar balls on a creamy choco-vanilla cake
Young food blogger / baker clicking pictures of her freshly baked birthday cake
Cheerful home baker kneading dough with a whisker in a glass bowl
Indian female's hand using a whisker to mix flour and eggs in a bowl - baking concept
Woman's hand breaking a raw egg in a bowl of all-purpose flour - baking concept
Raw Masoor and yellow Mung / Moong Dal falling on a table with cooked Dal Tadka
Black lentils / sabut urad dal and kidney beans / rajma dropping on a lunch table
Human hand keeping a bowl of Sabut Urad Dal / black lentils with cooked Dal Makhani
Various colorful raw dal/lentils kept in separate places against a white background
Famous Indian spicy and sweet dishes kept together with their raw ingredients
Preparation of popular Indian small black chickpea spicy fry in a home kitchen
Lady's hand sprinkling salt in the boiling Chana Masala gravy cooking in a frying pan
Small black Chana Sabzi/curry boiling in a non-stick pan - popular Indian recipe
Female's hand dropping cumin seeds/whole Jeera in a heated pan with cooking oil
Woman putting a bowl of homemade golden clarified butter/Ghee in a frying pan
Portrait of a smiling youngster having an open sandwich for his breakfast
Attractive Indian male preparing and eating bread with tomato/sandwich for breakfast
Smiling and young Indian chef preparing and checking his meal in the kitchen
Smart and smiling student tasting his food - home alone cooking
Indian cook making fresh chapatis on a gas stove using a tong - cooking concept
Closeup shot - Making of fresh wheat Indian chapatis on a gas stove at home
Indian woman making fresh wheat chapatis on a gas stove in the home kitchen