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Female clicking pictures of a burger and french fries kept on a plate - social media posts, posting a picture, image sharing
Closeup shot of stethoscope kept on the table - Doctor using a stethoscope
A female checking her mobile while working in the office - internet usage, reading messages
A young Indian lady using her touchscreen mobile during office hours - green screen shoot, green mobile screen
Close shot of typing on a smartphone screen - green screen shoot, chroma key, phone usage
Closeup of female hands using a smartphone - scrolling mobile phone, laptop in the office, work performance cause
A young woman scrolling through the picture gallery on her new mobile in the office - office leisure time
Powdered ginger in a heap, dried ginger, and raw ginger kept together - Indian herbs, home remedy for cough and cold
Dry ginger powder kept in a heap with a fresh piece of ginger - Home remedy, Indian herbs
A round dough ball falls on the flour creating a splash - wheat flour, cooking ingredient, organic flour
Wheat dough ball for making chapati - Indian food
Indian lentils/daal rolling on a glass table - Chana daal, Chickpeas, Split Chickpea Lentils
A young woman sprinkling fresh wheat flour - food ingredient, Indian staple
Two whole maize falling / dropping on a heap of corn kernels - sweet corn, Indian corn,
Corn kernels scattered in a pile on a glass table - sweet corn, agricultural produce, Indian corn
Corn kernels falling / dropping in a heap - agriculture, Indian food grain
A handful of wheat grains falling / dropping on a glass table - harvest, foodgrains
A young Indian woman / Indian housewife doing a head massage - hair care, healthy hair, self-care, personal care, North East Indian girl
An Indian woman wrapping her painful wrist with a crepe bandage - sports injury, wrist sprain, North East Indian girl
A beautiful Indian woman in ethnic clothes is resting in the living room - short nap, daytime sleep, siesta, North East Indian girl
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife eating food - Gujarati snacks, homemade food, family bonding
An affectionate Indian mother feeding a Khaman Dhokla and juice to her son - happy parenting, local cuisine
A caring Indian father feeding Dhokla and juice to his young daughter - Gujarati snack, father-daughter bonding
A happy Gujarati family - husband wife and young kids having food, family time, small nuclear family, mealtime
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife doing a Namaste gesture - greeting, respect, traditional way, posing for camera
A middle-aged Indian housewife posing for the camera - dressed in traditional dress, conservative female, Indian mother
A senior businesswoman is talking to her clients on a video call - distant communication, working from home
A handsome teenage boy posing for the camera while making study notes - school student, preparing for competitive exams