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Grounded black pepper is being sprinkled in a bowl of Raita for seasoning - Indian food on table
Hand keeping half Medu Vada on a wooden table full of south Indian food
Refreshing juicy oranges rolling down on a wooden table - tropical fruit
Various lentils/Dal separated by dried red chilies set on a table - protein-rich source
Gunny bag/jute sack full of dried whole spices falling on a wooden table with lentils
Variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food served on the dining table
Indian food menu items served on a big table - Indian lunch or dinner
Delicious Indian food on the table for a big family - home cooking
Tilt shot - Teacher's table with a globe, books, college degree, and a money bank
Pan shot of a morning tea table to work from home during the lockdown in India
Closeup shot of woman hands placing a newspaper on a table - morning lifestyle
Extreme close-up of a vintage alarm table clock ticking
Indian girl hands placing a white coffee mug while setting table for father's day
Decorated wooden table with a colorful card and flowers - International Women's Day
A girl setting a surprise table with black tea, flowers and a present for Mother's day/Birthday
Indian female putting a yummy red cake on a table for Valentine's day celebration
Woman hands placing a heart-shaped cake on a table - Valentine's day celebration
Indian female putting a red heart toy on a table for Valentine's day celebration
Woman hands placing a heart-shaped cake on a party table for Valentine's day celebration
Indian female placing burning candles on a decorated table for Valentine's day
Woman hands placing a burning heart-shaped candle on Valentine's day party table
Closeup shot of a decorated table with Makar Sankranti items during the festive season in India
Top view shot of an Indian female putting a plate of sesame ladoos on a table
Top view shot of designer Charkhis rolling on a wooden table on the kite festival
Healthy and fresh vegetables on a wooden table - stop motion animation
Indian army officer talking to his father and wife at the breakfast table - Serious discussion in Sikh family
Happy nuclear Sikh family including a small child having dinner together at the table - family concept
Happy Asian family enjoying at the lunch table - singing cheerfully. Sikh Indian Family at Home