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Boy wearing elephant cap playing with the smartphone near Christmas tree
A pan shot a full fledged exciting mela during festival season in India
Close up shot of a dog looking around in park, Cocker Spaniel
Dog grabbing a cookie from the table, cocker spaniel
Shot of pouring cola / soda / soft drink into a glass at a restaurant
Closeup shot of cold coffee being poured on ice cubes with black background
Closeup shot of milk being poured into coffee with ice cubes
Shot of orange juice being poured into a glass
Cute little Indian boy/kid playing alone with colorful plastic building blocks at home
Low angle shot of an Indian mother and child playing with colourful building blocks
Closeup shot of soft drink / cola / cold drink / lemon tea being poured into a glass
Shot of a cute Indian child making shapes from clay dough
Shot of an Indian mother playing colorful blocks with her son - Summer holiday homework
Shot of a young Indian mother and son playing with building blocks - Spending time at home during summer vacation
Closeup shot of an Indian child / kid coloring with a blue crayon in his drawing book
A close shot of young Indian kid giving different facial expressions while playing alone
Girl sitting in a lawn and reading book
Girl sitting outdoor with laptop enjoying music on headphones
Couple sitting on a bench outdoor eating a yummy burger
People enjoying rides at a fun amusement park during Dussehra fair
Time lapse of Bangla sahib gurudwara's view from dome's lake
Lazy dog lying in the grass and panting heavily, Cocker Spaniel
Beautiful girl standing outside in a park and arguing with someone on her mobile phone
A girl standing in a park and taking selfie on her mobile phone
Tilt shot of a girl sitting on a bench in a park listening to music on earphones
Mid shot of a young happy couple standing together in a park and taking selfie pictures
Young happy couple meeting in a park, hugs and talk to each other
Gardener trimming plants with a hedge shear in a park on a bright sunny day