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Professional business consultant sitting with documents talking on the phone
Portrait of a smart guy sitting with a bowl of snacks while watching television
Upset young man thinking about his life while sitting near a tree trunk in the park
Pranayam posture - Indian male practicing Yoga Asana sitting in a green area
Village girl sitting on a mat taking down notes under the light in the evening - Indian village home
Father and daughter eat chips / wafers sitting in a garden - happy family kid
Sideview of a father-daughter playing with a balloon sitting on the grass
A cute little girl eating an ice-cream with her father sitting by her side
Portrait of a small girl enjoying yummy ice cream sitting on a bench in the garden
Lovely girl child reading a storybook while sitting on her father's lap outdoors
Small urban child sitting with a doll enjoying funny videos on a smartphone
Cute little school-age girl cuddling her favorite soft doll sitting at her home - Indian kid
Upset couple ignoring each other sitting on a couch - relationships conflict
Serious, thoughtful woman drinking morning tea while sitting alone at her home
Attractive young Indian lady smiling while sitting in her home during the festive time
Frustrated village man smoking alone sitting at home - stressed lifestyle
Indian village couple happily watching television together sitting on a woven cot
Young village couple is happily watching a TV program while sitting on a chaarpai
A young girl sitting on a wooden chaarpai and writing on black slate
A side view of a lady sitting on a kitchen counter near a window chatting with a friend
Aged Indian grandmother smoking hookah while sitting on chaarpai in a rural background
Beautiful Indian girl playing guitar while sitting with her friends after class
Tired Indian couple sitting in the living room with sleepy bored faces - boredom
Indian family having a good time together while sitting on a sofa - leisure time
Indian family happily using a digital tablet while sitting together on a couch - weekend fun
Cute little Indian girl sitting alone and crying isolated on a white background
Young sincere schoolboy reading his storybook while sitting in a park - childhood education
Stressed Indian girl thinking deeply while sitting on a couch - white background