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Young father and son happily spending a Sunday weekend together in a park - leisure time
A flock of birds flying around a tree in the blue cloudy sky - freedom concept
Handsome man doing push-ups with the boy on his back in casual wear - leisure time
Smiling father and young son spending the weekend together in a park - leisure concept
Handsome man and his kid doing yoga exercises while sitting on a yoga mat in a park
Indian father and little son doing Anuloma Viloma Pranayama together - healthy breathing
Loving parent reading interesting book to his little son - love and family concept
Closeup shot of an Indian girl reading a book very carefully - education concept
Indian married couple spending quality time together while having lunch at home. Couple from India
A young frustrated teenager sitting with his father at home - the lifestyle of an Indian family
Cute Indian boy happily making a stack of ten-rupee coins - learning the money-saving concept
Indian father watching funny videos with his kids on a digital tab - technology concept
Cute little girl happily watching cartoons on a digital tablet with her father - weekend fun
Indian family having a good time together while sitting on a sofa - leisure time
Indian family happily using a digital tablet while sitting together on a couch - weekend fun
Newly married couple of India having fun while browsing social media on a mobile phone
Young husband and wife fighting over money and expenses while sitting on a couch
Elderly woman suffers from a severe headache while reading a book in bed
Indian lady reads a book with glasses while sitting in bed - the lifestyle of old people
Beautiful Indian girl showing new clothes to her friend in a living room
Two different generations working together on a laptop - Father and son in India
Elderly father helping out his son in the problem-solving assignment - Indian family
Elderly father scolding his son after seeing his semester grades - education concept
Indian father helping out his college-going son in solving maths problems - Family in India
Elderly father helping out his college-going son in his college project - Family in India
Indian middle-aged businessman having terrible shoulder pain while sitting on a couch
Happy young college girls enjoying together at home - leisure time
Beautiful Indian girl playing with a stethoscope and a cute heart-shaped toy - Budding doctor from India