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A government officer checking and putting ink on the index finger of an Indian female citizen - election process, first time voter
Election officer verifying identity card for Indian voter before voting - Indian democracy, voter ID verification, general elections, Indian citizens
Indian citizens standing in line and showing their voting cards to the government employees - general elections, state elections, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha
Indian man drinking water after the workout in the park - water, thirsty man, post workout rest, hydration, trying to lose weight
A sad young Indian man - online video game, blue light, impact on eyes, late night screen impact, overuse of screen
A professional gamer putting on an audio headset and playing online video games on the computer - Indian home
Faridabad, India, 29 September, 2023 - A middle-aged Indian man talking on phone at the railway station - waiting for train, railway platform
Delhi, India, September 29, 2023 - A middle-aged man sitting on a bench at the railway platform- waiting for his train, public transportation
Loving Indian mother feeding her son Barfi - traditional sweet, ethnic family, Hindu wedding rituals
Loving family celebrating Indian wedding ceremony together - Mehendi function, Hindu marriage ritual
Sweet mother and sister applying mehndi to groom's hand - henna ceremony, Indian wedding ritual, Hindu culture
Adorable ethnic mother blessing her son during his Mehendi - henna ceremony, symbolic gesture, warding off evil eye/bad luck
Upset Indian man drinking alcohol at home - depression, alcohol abuse, addiction, frustrated alcoholic
Indian craftsman stabilizing wooden piece for carving process - manual wood fitting tool, traditional handicraft, Tarkashi technique
Indian businessman drinking and smoking at home - substance abuse, bad news, financial crisis, anger issues, addiction
Professional Indian executive working on laptop - analyzing data, doing market research, building strategies
Stressed Indian worker doing paperwork - writing project ideas, urgent task deadline, overworked employee
Smiling fit Indian man showing homemade salad bowl to the camera - healthy food, nutrient-rich, balanced diet
Indian home cook sprinkling salt on his tomato and cucumber salad - healthy food, vegetarian diet, vegan dish
Attractive health-conscious Indian man making a salad - balanced diet, nutritious meal, vegan/organic food
Indian man having breakfast and using phone - lifestyle concept, balanced diet, drinking tea, phone addiction
Portrait of a young Indian man working on laptop - work from home, remote work, replying to email, writing report
Portrait of an Indian man drinking orange juice at night - midnight snack, late-night craving, unhealthy diet, insomnia problem
Indian man satisfying his sugar craving - eating cookies at night, midnight craving, late-night snacking, eating disorder
Handsome Indian man scrolling through his smartphone in the kitchen at night - insomnia, phone addiction, sleeping problems
Happy Asian girl playing video Games on TV - Joyful gaming session, playstation, advanced games, gaming addiction, adrenaline rush
A shot of a young girl suffering from severe toothache - needs dental treatment, dental pain, gum disease, severe pain
A beautiful excited young Indian girl playing video games - wireless controller, playing on tv, wireless remote