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Young female retailer dealing with her customer at her small fashion boutique - Female checking new dresses
Indian fashion designer dealing with a client in her small fashion atelier - Young businesswoman
Indian woman with beautiful skin looking confidently towards the camera with no makeup
Pretty lady dancing while listening to loud music at a party against the white background
Indian medical professional showing a red and white colored capsule - healthcare concept
Senior female doctor holding an injection in her hand over white background
Beautiful senior doctor holding a heap of medicines in her hand - white background
Young female doctor showing an apple with an OK gesture - white background
Young fearful girl showing slate with 'stop child labor' text - isolated over white background
Excited Indian girl showing mobile phone messages to her boyfriend, but he ignores her
An Indian villager counting hundred rupees banknotes while standing near a tubewell - monthly salary, agricultural profit, Indian currency
An Indian village couple going for a walk on a village road with a bicycle - a village scene
A teenage Muslim girl and her parents showing their ink-marked fingers together - registered voters, identification marks, Indian citizenship
A cute Muslim girl and her parents happily showing their ink-marked fingers - Indian citizen, identification mark, state elections
An Indian couple and their teenage daughter clicking a selfie together after voting - state elections, Indian citizenship, a democratic country
A beautiful college student happily showing her new voter card - an election card, identity proof, a mandatory document, voter id
A middle-aged lady / electoral officer busy doing an important survey - counting, checking
A cheerful middle-aged guy from an urban city casting his vote at a polling booth - municipal election, right to vote, democratic country, Indian assembly elections
A young college student casting her vote by pressing a button on an electronic machine - elections, fundamental rights, a democratic country
A happy Indian village couple showing their ink marked fingers after voting - Elections, State elections, Fundamental right
A young man and his beautiful pregnant wife on a video call while using a mobile
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 17th November 2021, Salesman showing bedsheet at a stall in trade fair
An attractive male scrolling / browsing on his mobile while standing. Green screen / Chroma shoot
A smart boy standing with folded hands while showing a Namaste gesture - Chroma Green Screen
Portrait of a smart boy holding a smartphone - Chroma shoot
Excited teenage girl showing a new dress to her best friend - Indian young friends
A young father-son duo waving their hands while chatting on a video call at home
A positive businessman working on a laptop showing a thumbs-up gesture