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Grey-haired Indian woman suffering from severe joint pain - knee pain, knee injury, grand mother, swollen joint
Grey-haired Indian man suffering from severe joint pain - knee pain, knee injury, village life, old age farmer
A confident old Indian professor standing well dressed in formals outside a government school - aged man
A young Indian streamer stressed while playing a an online game - gaming room
A young, handsome, confident man getting ready to start an online game - gamer lifestyle, e-sport, online gaming, streaming
A young gamer watching the green screen - computer monitor with green chroma, watching movie
Indian man wearing headphones playing and enjoying a video game - gamer at home, virtual game, online video game
A cheerful old Indian couple with their son - son hugs from back side, small Indian family, new-age parents, salt and pepper look
An aged Indian male and female watching television together with their grandkids - fun and entertainment, favourite pastime, strain on eyes, tv addition
Young Indian brother-sister enjoy playing a game of carrom together - board game, indoor game, learning a new game
Two Indian teenagers playing a board game - Happy Indian brother and sister, childhood game, dice game
An old Indian couple in conversation over a cup of tea / coffee - retired life, old age, self-dependent, away from kids
An attractive old Indian male is giving a head massage to his wife - happy couple, couple bonding, home treatment, ayurvedic treatment, home remedy, headache
A retired old lady / a caring housewife is massaging tired husband's shoulders - massage
An old Indian lady hugging her young grandchildren - grand mother, bonding, love, cool mother, single mother, quality time
An old Indian lady is giving a surprise gift to her beautiful granddaughter - friends, generation gap, responsible mother, single mother, teenage daughter
A book and spectacles kept in the room - old age, hobby, weak eyesight
Mumbai, India, 1st June 2022 - Old radio and a newspaper are kept on a table - broadcasting, news
Upset Indian man drinking alcohol at home - depression, alcohol abuse, addiction, frustrated alcoholic
Shot of an attractive young woman using a smartphone at home - excessive use of phone, harmful effects of phone
Portrait shot of a beautiful young girl looking towards the camera and smiling -cunning smile,
Asian young beautiful woman playing mobile games on smartphone at home - cellphone, game and streaming, digital entertainment
Shot of beautiful Indian girl struggling with network problem at home - network issues, internet problem
A young Indian woman playing a game on her smartphone - white background, mobile entertainment
A loving grandson is giving a shoulder massage to his elderly grandmother - old age, exhaustion, tiredness, old age problems
A young teenage boy resting on his grandmother's lap and getting head massage - grandmother-grandson bonding
A caring Indian grandma is oiling her sweet granddaughter's hair with natural oil - dry skull, winter season, healthy hair, strong roots, home remedy, hot oil massage
A young teenage girl is applying nail polish on the hands of her aged grandmother - elder care, bonding with grandparents, value system