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A senior Indian woman suffering from flu resting at home - a viral infection, unwell, an allergic disease, lonely life
A handsome young man resting his head on his pregnant wife's shoulders
Beautiful girlfriends wearing a serum mask at home while resting on the bed
An attractive middle-aged Gujarati couple - quality time, relationship and bonding, a young couple, resting head on husband's shoulders
Two beautiful sparrows sitting under a shade - avian, colorful birds
A handsome male sitting on a rocking chair - relaxing and laughing, resting at home, retired life
An old Indian lady massaging her feet while resting on the bed - old age issues, pain, treatment
An old Indian lady / an Indian grandmother is sleeping covered under a blanket - tiredness, sound sleep
An attractive middle-aged South Indian couple - quality time, relationship and bonding, young couple, South India
A sweet little girl resting on her father's back - closeness, a piggyback ride, parenting, child care, girl care
An Indian housewife and her little daughter resting together on a comfortable sofa - mother-daughter bonding, a short nap
An attractive male in traditional clothes resting / relaxing in the living room - a short nap
A matured old man wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope resting under a tree - an experienced doctor
A retired old man-eating homemade delicious white bread sandwiches - tasty recipe, vegetarian cuisine
A handsome Indian boy watching an online video / movie - fun and entertainment, a modern lifestyle, binge-watching
A sick little girl suffering from cough and cold resting with her father in the bedroom - viral infection, seasonal flu
An affectionate Indian father is reading an interesting storybook for his little daughter - a bedtime story, a happy childhood
A young man reading an interesting book in his leisure time - knowledge and learning
A handsome guy wearing white earphones enjoys listening to good music on a tablet - a digital device, song playlist, internet technology
A tired elderly old man with grey hair and his young grandson resting together
A sick young girl wearing a hat and covered with a shawl resting on her mother's lap - cold and cough, fever, sick child, village family
A cute little toddler sleeping peacefully on her father's chest at home
An affectionate father and his little son cuddling together while sleeping - family time, modern father
A reluctant and tired schoolchild in casual clothes resting on the desk with a book
A tired Indian mother and her little son resting / relaxing on a sofa together
An adorable boy resting on his grandfather's lap - granddad-grandchild bonding
A tired Indian mother and her little baby girl resting together on the sofa
Caring Indian father in casual clothes patting his adorable son to sleep at home