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Pretty Indian young mother and her daughter blowing blow out whistle at each other at a birthday party
Pretty little girls blowing up balloons at the birthday party - Indian kids having fun at the party
A pretty Indian woman making rolling dough for making puris - oil in a frying pan
A pretty wife helping her young husband to enter the debit/credit card details - Couple doing online shopping
Young Indian mother taking care of her baby - Small family, loving mother
A pretty sister and her adorable brother watching an exciting movie together
A young Indian girl greeting with a hello gesture while talking on an online call
Happy siblings using a tablet / smartphone together at home - bonding and relationship
Happy girlfriends in casual clothes clicking a selfie using a mobile
Pretty young Indian girl helping her best friend with a haircut at home
Pretty girlfriends enjoying singing songs together holding a hairbrush at home
Cheerful female friends / partners playing a game of cards together at home
Best friends watching an online video on a mobile
Pretty girls in nightwear sitting and discussing in their bedroom at night
Portrait of a young lady with blue headphones watching a video on her laptop
A young woman covering a beautiful handmade jewelry box kept on the table
A young girl wishing her family and friends while talking on the phone during Diwali
Beautiful Indian woman holding a set of decorative lights - Diwali celebrations
Young Indian woman in a pretty Sari burning sparkler / Phuljadi during Diwali
An attractive female wearing colorful jewelry holding a well-lit Diya for Diwali
A married couple celebrating the festival of Diwali with a plate of well lit Diyas
A young mother giving her cute daughter a surprise gift on the Diwali festival
A young mother and her sweet child talking on a video call in the festive season
Fisheye angle of a young girl video call - Closeup camera
A beautiful girl holding a well lit Diya / oil lamp during a Hindu festival
A charming girl standing with a plate of brightly burning Diyas on Diwali
An attractive lady enjoying taking a selfie with burning Diyas on the Diwali festival
A cheerful woman standing with a plate of clay Diyas while celebrating Diwali