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Healthy drink - Happy adolescent girl having fresh white milk at home
Cheerful teenage girl hugging an elderly Indian woman - special bonding
Female professional making notes during a conference call - WFH (Work from home) in COVID times
Mom teaching teenage daughter from mobile - Online learning. Edtech
A beautiful mom and teenage daughter studying together sitting at a wooden desk
A loving mother caring for her sick daughter suffering from flu lying on the sofa
Indian mother-daughter relationship - Sick daughter and caring mother
Pretty village woman holding her Pallu / Ghunghat while sitting in her kitchen - Indian Village home
Two school-going children posing cheerfully for the camera - child education
Indian lady browsing mobile while laying down on a wooden sofa with a shawl
A teenager doing yoga wearing a medical mask while sitting in the lotus position
Health-conscious young lady meditating while sitting in the lotus position at home
Young female wearing a gray woolen cap sneezing - Common cold / Coronavirus
Fit and healthy Indian woman having a juicy red apple during winter
Happy teenager enjoying winter at home while reading a storybook at home
Portrait of a cheerful office employee working on her laptop - work from home
Indian woman in woolens doing online shopping - Working from home in winters
Portrait of a young Indian girl drinking a hot cup of tea /coffee while watching TV
Young girl doing office work on her laptop at home - remote working / WFH (Work From Home)
Indian lady wearing a gray woolen cap feeling cold - white shawl to keep herself warm
Indian woman wearing woolen gloves and warm clothes drinking a cup of hot beverage
Lovely teenager relaxing at home in India during winter - leisure time
Indian teenager having hot beverage to keep herself warm during winter
Indian lady doing hair and head massage at-home - hair care
Cheerful young girl applying natural oil to her long curly hair for nourishment
Indian pretty woman with perfect skin taking hair oil from the bottle - beauty concept
Lonely Indian woman reading an interesting novel while taking rest at home
Indian teenager applying a crepe bandage on her legs and putting it on a soft cushion