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Pretty Indian girl smiling with a glowing oil lamp in hands - Diwali celebration, South Indian girl, Asian girl
A beautiful middle-aged woman posing for the camera with an oil lamp in hand - Celebrating the festivals
Loving aged couple talking while sipping hot tea - South Indian couple, decorated house, Diwali
A beautiful woman talking to her young daughter while making an orange marigold flower garland for Diwali Puja and decorations
A mother and a daughter making flower garlands together for Diwali pooja at home - celebrating festival, gajra in hair, floral decoration
Husband and wife feeding sweets to each other on the festive occasion - Colorful background with lights
Indian beautiful woman dressed in ethnic wear smiling looking into the camera - Greeting, old lady, wrinkles on face, salt and pepper look
An Indian housewife wearing a pretty saree is talking on her mobile - festive season, Hindu festival, colourful decoration, Diwali decorations
Indian woman in a saree holding a plate of lighted Diyas on Diwali - greeting people at home entrance, Indian rituals
A charming old man giving a Diwali gift to his beautiful wife - putting necklace, old age love, celebrating golden jubilee, happy anniversary, gold necklace
An affectionate Indian mother giving a Diwali gift to her young daughter - Diwali celebrations
Pan shot of a mother and daughter decorating a traditional Rangoli with Diyas
A woman decorating a flower Rangoli with colorful flowers - auspicious occasion, festive season, flower art, house decoration for festival
Indian women decorating a flower Rangoli with rose petals - auspicious occasion, Diwali celebrations, festive season, a Hindu festival
An old Indian lady in saree decorating a floral rangoli with diyas for Diwali decoration - Diwali diyas, Diwali preparation
Adorable Indian family taking selfies or self photographs at home - colorful, decorated background, Festive season
An upset young couple stands with backs to each other with offended expressions on their faces - green screen
An Indian couple holding a cup and having a conversation on a green screen
Pretty young female putting oil lamps on rangoli on an auspicious day - Deepawali celebration at home, decorated house, bokeh lights
An attractive Indian woman happily smiling and offering sweets - posing for the camera - Diwali festival
A beautiful Indian woman in a traditional outfit happily looking at the Diwali lantern - Diwali decoration
Pretty Indian lady decorating rangoli with burning diyas - Diwali celebration at home
An attractive young woman making a floral rangoli on the occasion of Diwali - festival celebration
An Indian woman decorating her friend's hand with Henna/Mehendi - Diwali celebrations, Indian culture, festive vibe
An Indian girl and her sister decorate their house with marigold flowers - an Indian festival, Diwali celebration
Pretty Indian females in ethnic attire clicking a photo during the festive season - Hindu festival, celebration time, a religious festival, Indian festival of lights
Two females in colorful ethnic Indian sari and bindi welcoming guest for festival in namaste pose - Indian tradition, Diwali celebration
Indian sisters scrolling on the smartphone in their leisure time - Diwali celebration, festive mood