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Pretty Indian young mother and her daughter blowing blow out whistle at each other at a birthday party
Pretty little girls blowing up balloons at the birthday party - Indian kids having fun at the party
A pretty Indian woman making rolling dough for making puris - oil in a frying pan
A beautiful Bengali woman taking selfies on her smartphone at home - posing for camera, happy housewife
A beautiful Bengali lady dressed in the traditional dress using a smartphone - sitting on a rocking chair, mobile use
A young Indian girl applying a face pack looking into a small mirror - pampering, face mask, wellness
An attractive Indian girl posing for a selfie on her smartphone - college-going girl, making reels
A pretty Indian girl folding her clothes and packing her bag - household work
An attractive Indian housewife removing the face pack - beauty and healthcare, skin treatment
A pretty lady in casual clothes applying mascara on her eyelashes in front of a small mirror - makeup
A beautiful female college student is reading a book / novel - a hobby, a favorite pasttime, lying down
A young Indian college student making funny faces while lying down - facial expressions, funny faces
A pretty college-going student having instant noodles at home - an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits
A pretty lady in casual wear gives a toothy smile while looking at the camera - a modern lifestyle, relaxation
An attractive Indian lady flipping the pages while reading a book at home - an interesting book, a favorite pastime
A charming young man and his pretty wife doing online shopping together - e-commerce, new offers, a festive season
A beautiful Indian housewife in casual clothes opens her gift box - birthday gift, party gift, diwali gift
A pretty lady wearing a printed top drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee - a beverage
A charming young man with her beautiful wife- surprise gift, auspicious occasion, love and affection, birthday gift, anniversary gift
A modern Indian couple playing a board game at home - playing chess, indoor game, young couple
A married couple watching an online show together - fun and entertainment, binge watch, OTT, watching web series
A pretty Bengali woman offering a sweet Paan - local cuisine, sweet dish, post-food digestive
A beautiful Indian female posing for the camera with Namaste gesture - respect
A beautiful Indian lady with long hair sitting on a big and comfortable chair in the living room
A little adorable schoolgirl brings a bouquet of colorful flowers for her mother - mother's day celebration, parent-child bonding
A pretty female and her little daughter playing on the seesaw - public park, mother-daughter bonding
A pretty female and her little daughter watering a pink Hibiscus flower with a watering can - a fun activity
A pretty Muslim lady and her adorable son celebrate the festival of Eid together - an auspicious occasion, a festive season