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A beautiful young college student happily showing her blue mark on the index finger - general elections, a registered voter, an Indian citizen
Portrait shot of a young Indian woman opening her eyes slowly looking into the camera
A young Asian woman receiving a body massage in a spa center - spa treatments, relaxing neck massage
Funny Indian young woman playing with her hair - facial expressions, pout, smile, brown skin
Close-up shot of an Indian girl with straight hair - attractive smart woman, eyeglasses, plastic frame
Indian woman drinking coffee/tea - asian, tea tasting session, trying a hot drink, ceramic coffee mug
A beautiful young Indian woman looking at the camera and smiling - portrait, closeup
Closeup shot of a woman showing serious and shocking gestures towards the camera - Facial expressions
Closeup shot of a woman showing different facial expressions at home - spectrum of emotions, confused, excited, understanding
Beautiful Indian woman with a thoughtful gesture - comes with an idea or a solution, new idea, eureka, euphoria, excited
Thoughtful girl rubbing chin - eureka moment, I got an idea, new idea, shaking head, affirmation, smiling, excited, new insight
Thoughtful girl rubbing chin - eureka moment, I got an idea, new idea, shaking head, affirmation, smiling, excited, new insight
Happy Indian bride and friends on video call - Mehendi ceremony, traditional wedding, joyous celebration
Excited Indian woman throwing rose petals - Mehendi ceremony, traditional marriage, contemporary celebration
An old Indian lady hugging her young grandchildren - grand mother, bonding, love, cool mother, single mother, quality time
An old Indian lady is giving a surprise gift to her beautiful granddaughter - friends, generation gap, responsible mother, single mother, teenage daughter
Shot of an attractive young woman using a smartphone at home - excessive use of phone, harmful effects of phone
Extreme close-up shot of a young Indian woman looking at her phone - closeup of eyes, harmful effects of mobile use
A young girl is using her smartphone to shop online - bank credit card, debit card, online shopping, digital payment
A relaxed woman gets her shoulder massage in a luxury spa by a professional massage therapist - wellness, healing, relaxation concept
Closeup shot of a young girl giving a toothy smile - lifestyle concept, spa treatment, haircare, skincare, healthy hair, shining hair
4K video of beautiful Indian woman pointing towards her left - ad space, copyspace
A young girl sitting with her Indian mother while she is doing hand embroidery - small family, nuclear family, single mother, happy family
Young grandchildren sitting with their old grandmother - worshipping god, religious faith and beliefs, Hindu, Indian, folded hands, meditation
A teenage girl lying / resting on her grandma's lap - grandmother, granddaughter bonding, relaxing head massage, hair nourishment, mother care, home remedy
A beautiful teenage girl is using a makeup brush for her mother's makeup - face makeup, blusher, mother-daughter relationship
A young teenage girl is applying nail polish on the hands of her aged grandmother - elder care, bonding with grandparents, value system
A happy mother is putting a Gajra on her beautiful daughter's hair - festive feel, adopting culture, South Indian tradition