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Handsome Indian man applying shaving cream on the face with a finger
Young Indian man applying the cream on the face with a shaving brush
Harmful smoke coming out from an industrial chimney pipe causing air pollution
Smoke emission from factory pipes contaminating fresh air in an industrial area
Factory chimney smoking heavy smoke in the cloudy sky - air pollution concept
Cows eating plastic at a roadside garbage dumping site in India - environmental pollution
Indian cows looking for edible items at a roadside garbage dump - unhealthy food
Indian cow eating plastic and trash at a local landfill site in India
Household dump scattered on the side of a road in India - illegal waste landfill site
A young man and his kid sprinkling water over big trees in a garden - leisure time
Little Indian boy enthusiastically celebrating Independence Day / Republic Day - National Tri-color flag
A rural woman blowing with iron pipe into a chulha / traditional wood stove while making roti for her family
Free Video - A woman is rolling wheat dough with a rolling pin
Shot of an Indian worker doing hammer job at a workshop
A rural Indian woman blowing into a chulha / traditional wood fire stove with a metal pipe
Shot of a worker leveling the heap of coal in the furnace
Shot of melting a metal ore in a vessel on a high flame
A man beautifully spreading dosa batter on the hot pan
Gardener watering plants in a park on a bright sunny day
Full shot of a gardener watering plants in a park
Gardener cleaning out waste from plants in a park