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A female putting a 10 Rupee coin inside her piggybank - financial saving, financial planning
Close shot of cornflakes falling in a pile - morning cereals, morning breakfast
Pan shot of dried ginger, dried ginger roots, Haldi sticks, and powdered Haldi - Indian herbs
Collection of Indian spices in wooden containers - common Indian spices, Indian herbs
Powdered Haldi, dried Haldi and raw ginger kept against a black background - Indian spices
Indian lentils/daal rolling on a glass table - Chana daal, Chickpeas, Split Chickpea Lentils
Wheat grains dropping in a heap on a brown jute bag - agriculture, foodgrains
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, A man and a woman sitting on Yamuna bank - picnic spot near a garbage dump
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, Garbage dump near the polluted Yamuna river
Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, India, 27th November 2021, Toxic foam on polluted Yamuna river bank
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Shopkeeper selling wooden crockery attending to a customer
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, A pack of different grounded seeds in packets - stall at trade fair
Eid Feast - Sweet dessert for festival
Brown chickpeas falling / dropping out of jute sack in a heap - Indian legume
A sack full of whole Mung Dal dropping / falling on a table - protein-rich lentils
A heap of green and golden pears / Naak kept together in a bamboo basket
Pan shot of assorted legumes / lentils kept together in a heap - cooking ingredients
Heap of plain white fox nuts / lotus seeds stacked together - a tasty snack
Sugar cubes stacked together - excess sugar
White sugar crystals / particles falling / dropping on tasty homemade biscuits
White sugar particles / crystals falling / dropped on a heap
Uncooked Italian Rotini pasta with sliced green capsicum and red bell peppers
Indian businessman in casual clothes - saving money and financial planning
A stack of golden coins falling out in a heap from a jar / piggy bank - banking and finance
A few Indian blackberries falling on a heap of fruits kept together on a plate. Indian summer fruit
Female's hand keeping a half-eaten ripe plum with the other fruits in the basket - Indian summer fruit
Female hand keeping a glass of fresh plum juice with another cocktail drink - Indian summer fruit
Refreshing plum juice being poured in a tall glass full of crushed ice - a tasty drink