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Parents holding their baby girl feet - Indian custom and tradition, Rituals
A caring Indian mother massaging her baby - Baby massage, healthy baby, baby routine, caring parents, strong bones
A cute infant playing with her parents in the living room - Working husband and housewife, after office hours, tired male
Busy parents working at night - Hectic lifestyle in modern days
A little girl playing a game on a smartphone and the parents sitting by her side
A little child doing her homework while the parents are busy on smart gadgets
Long shot of parents watching their kid study happily inside their home
4K Stock Footage of a happy nuclear Indian family in their bedroom - Young cute daughter and young indian parents
Indian parents scolding young boy for his studies - Parenting, parental pressure, stressed child, school homework
Sad Indian teenage son showing his report card to parents at home - Education
A young family - Father, mother, and an infant spending time in their bedroom
A young parents with a young baby - Nuclear family, Indian family
A smiling young couple with happy faces looking at the web camera - video call, nuclear Indian family
A female taking care of her baby while talking on the phone - young parents, Indian mother
Young Indian parents in the nuclear family playing with their sweet toddler - mother-child bonding, parents bonding
Young Indian parents making their 3 months old daughter to sleep - Indian family, caring parents, nuclear family
New parents playing with their baby - body massage, tummy time, exercise - kids lifestyle
Loving parents helping their adorable little daughter to wear shoes while tying laces
Young first-time parents taking care of their baby - Talking to baby, social development
A loving Indian father patting his little daughter to sleep on his lap at home - Young parents, Indian family, Nuclear family
Young Indian parents hugging and cuddling with their adorable daughter - First time parents
Responsible parents comforting / consoling their crying little daughter
A young Indian couple playing with their six-month-old daughter
The small nuclear family in India - Parenting. Young parents taking care of her baby
A beautiful housewife and her husband - Busy parents
A cute baby child in a casual dress crying while sitting on her father's lap
A little child coughing and sneezing while sleeping at night on the bed
Portrait of a sweet child playing games at night while his parents are fast asleep