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Happy Santa Claus offering a special gift box to the camera on Christmas Eve in India
Santa reads a book to a little kid in the living room with beautiful Christmas decorations
Young little boy sitting with Santa Claus and opening the Christmas gift
Closeup shot of Asian water buffaloes enjoying swimming at the riverbanks - Village Talab or Pond
Hands of an Indian farmer examining fresh rice plant in the organic paddy field
Young agricultural laborer checking fresh rice plants at the farm in India - Village Scene
Moving shot of ears of rice in the paddy field during daytime - agriculture concept in Indian village
Pan shot of young cauliflower grows in the agricultural field of a farmer in India - Village Harvest
Pan shot of golden rice ears swinging in the wind during daytime in India
Indian priest worshipping in the temple/mandir of Goddess Durga(Sherawali maa)
Pan shot of beautiful cotton field at the time of sunset in an Indian farm
Beautiful landscape view of yellow-green paddy field with the foggy sky in the background
Back view of an Indian farmer wandering in the agricultural fields of ripened rice plants
Indian farmer making stacks of harvested rice at Delhi/NCR, India - manual farming concept in the village
Tilt shot of water flowing from the tubewell in an Indian agricultural field - irrigation system in the village
Pan shot of freshwater flowing into the agricultural fields of Delhi/NCR, India - Farm in Village
A group of Indian farmers in village threshing rice by hands at the paddy field - farming concept
Indian farmer walking in the field with a stack of harvested rice crops - harvest season
Still shot of a smiling toy snowman with a colorful wreath hanging on the wall - festive scene
Sad Indian guy sitting alone on a sofa with colorful Christmas decorations in the background
A glass of healthy apple juice with a basket of juicy apples in the background
Hands of an Indian lady takes away the glass of apple juice - healthy fruit diet
Hands of an Indian female putting a Christmas gift in the center of the decorated table
Indian farmer harvesting paddy crops in the agricultural land of Delhi/NCR, India
Indian farmer walking in the paddy field while holding a sickle in his hand
White egrets wandering in the agricultural land of rice plants during daytime in India
Attractive scenery view of rice plants swaying in the wind in Delhi/NCR, India
Beautiful landscape view of endless paddy field at the time of sunset in Delhi/NCR, India