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Close-up shot of a woman getting relaxing deep tissue calves muscle massage - spa treatment, foot massage
Pan shot of a man resting in the park after a heavy workout - wiping his sweat with a white towel
Indian man relaxing in the park after exercise - relaxation, sweating badly after physical workout, toweling off sweat, heavy exercise
An Indian obese man exercising for his fitness in a playground - obesity, fat loss, physical exercise
A fatty man stretching in the park for fitness - open playground, body stretch, healthy lifestyle, stiff body, hard exercise
An Indian man doing yoga in the park - healthy lifestyle, fitness journey, pranayam, open public park, alternate breathing
Middle-aged man using smartphone in free time post workout - time pass, fat man, losing weight
An Indian man listening and vibing to a song in the playground - relax-position, healthy-lifestyle, tired after workout
Closeup shot of a fatty Indian man listening to songs in his free time in a park -relaxing after morning walk
Shot of an Indian fat man jogging for weight loss in a park - fitness, weight-loss, fitness journey
A disinterested Indian man doing a workout with dumbbells - uncomfortable fitness routine, unfit body
Indian man doing side and front dumble raises during his fitness training - shoulder strength, physical exercise
An Indian overweight man performing a workout in open gym - dumbbell lift, fitness, healthy lifestyle, obese man, BMI
Indian man drinking water after the workout in the park - water, thirsty man, post workout rest, hydration, trying to lose weight
An Indian man suffering from heart pain after a workout - heart-pain, overweight, fatigue
Indian man gets tired after a morning jog - healthy lifestyle, sweating, overweight, summer morning
An overweighted man jogging to reduce weight - weight-loss, fat-loss, cardio, outdoor fitness, overweight fitness, losing weight,
Overweight Indian man jogging in the park - losing weight, fitness regime, fat to fit, stamina-building
A middle-aged man struggling to stretch his body for warm up - fitness, workout, lazy man, weight loss
Portrait of an obese indian man sitting in a park and drinking water - hydration, fitness, healthy lifestyle
An Indian obese man eating fried samosa after a workout - obesity, excess weight, public park, urge to eat, unhealthy lifestyle
Indian man doing exercise to lose belly fat - Fitness, Weight loss, fat cutting, fat reduction, workout, tired
Indian man doing abdominal exercises: fitness, abs exercise, wellness, weight loss, trying to lose weight
Portrait of Overweight man getting tired - weight loss, fat loss, healthy lifestyle, excessive sweat
Indian man doing exercise in the public gym - unhealthy man, fitness focus, obese, obesity, fat, weight gain
An overweight Indian man is exercising on a cross-trainer machine - weight loss, healthy lifestyle, motivation
Shot of an Indian man working out at the park - outdoor gym, exercise machine, fitness exercise, outdoor activity, poor lifestyle issues
Fat Indian man doing a workout at the park - weightlifting, fitness regime, outdoor workout, unhealthy, health problems