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Over the shoulder shot of an Indian female praying in front of Ganesh Ji and Laxmi Ji - Diwali Puja
Over the shoulder shot of a female worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi - Diwali puja
Smiling pretty girl waving her magic wand in a beautiful fairy dress
Young boy with long hair showing off his skills of martial arts in the park
Indian army officer waving goodbye to his unhappy wife - a tough lifestyle of army people
Beautiful Indian couple - Tired husband working on laptop and concerned wife messaging his shoulders
Successful young Indian fashion designer working on her office desk - dressmaker or tailor concept
Indian dressmaker sincerely working at her self owned fashion studio
Indian woman with beautiful skin looking confidently towards the camera with no makeup
Young girl listening to her favorite song - Using blue headphones - leisure concept
Modern happy girl listening to Bollywood or Hollywood songs with her headphones
Young pretty girl happily playing with chocolate donuts against white background
Happy modern woman smiling and playing with donuts in casual clothing - leisure concept
Beautiful Indian girl eating yummy chocolate donuts isolated over white background
Pretty lady dancing while listening to loud music at a party against the white background
Beautiful Indian girl laughing and bursting a balloon isolated over white background
Attractive young girl smiling and showing-off her soft and smooth skin - Indian beauty
Beautiful young girl taking selfie in different poses against white background
Surprised Indian woman using her mobile phone in casual wear - modern lifestyle
Cheerful Indian girl calling her friend from her smartphone against white background
Young pretty girl standing against a white background while answering a personal phone call
Young beautiful lady reacting differently while talking on a phone call - modern lifestyle
Pretty young girl enjoying her music rehearsal isolated over white background
Indian man having severe shoulder pain - Unable to work. Mid aged man medical condition
Happy Indian married couple - Wife giving shoulder massage to husband
HD Stock video of Indian farmer pulling off cotton from the bush
HD Stock video of a farmer pulling off cotton from the bush
Retired Indian old couple hugs each other at home