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Beautiful Indian model laughing in a bathrobe against the green screen - advertisement
Medium shot of a female model in bathrobe pointing something on the green screen - advertisement
Young female model in bathrobe points her fingers upwards - green screen, chroma shoot
Young Indian model highlighting the benefits of self care routine on green screen in bathrobe, chroma shoot
Green screen shot of a beautiful Indian model shooting for a skin care product - ad space, copy space
Portrait shot of a young Indian model comparing the benefits of a good skin care routine on green screen - cosmetology
Portrait shot of a beautiful Indian woman pointing at a product - bathrobe, green screen, chroma shoot
Portrait shot of beautiful Indian woman pointing something on green screen in bathrobe - copy space, ad space
Portrait shot of beautiful young Indian woman flaunting her glowing skin after a skin treatment - chroma shoot
Medium shot of an old age Indian man suffering from extreme shoulder pain while sitting on a chair - joint pain, rural lifestyle
A confident old Indian professor standing well dressed in formals outside a government school - aged man
Portrait shot of a young Indian woman opening her eyes slowly looking into the camera
4k video footage of a woman lying down and enjoying foot a massage at the spa - spa beauty treatment, relaxation therapy, aromatherapy
Delhi, India - November 17 2023, A beautiful view of India Gate with the clear blue sky - Indian monument, ancient architecture
Delhi, India - November 17 2023, A beautiful view of the magnificent India Gate on misty morning - famous historical monument of India
Himachal Pradesh, India, 1st June 2022, Empty roads in a hilly town - early morning, road / street in a marketplace
Young excited woman holding mobile phone and Indian rupee banknotes after winning the lottery, financial freedom, celebration
A professional massage therapist prepares a spa massage for a young Indian girl at a spa salon, relaxing environment
Indian girl angry with her noisy neighborhood - refusing to listen to gossip or bad information, mental issues
Asian woman looking for fancy jewelry and accessories in a flea market shop - street shopping
Closeup shot of beautiful women thinking - holding hand to chin, finger against cheekbone
Indian tribal woman working on an old wooden handloom weaving machine - hand-made cloth, manual work
Young girl getting ready for travel - packing clothes in a blue suitcase, travel concept, living in suitcase, how to pack
Young Indian woman shopping for handicrafts at a street market - handicraft market, mela, artisan work
4k video footage of a young Indian woman getting an exfoliating back massage at an Ayurvedic center
Madurai, India, March 2022 - A street vendor is busy in making food- urban village life, street food, roadside food joint
Portrait of an attractive Indian woman in a bathrobe and a head towel - skincare spa procedures concept, beauty cosmetics anti-aging procedures
A beautiful Indian woman using essential oil for skin care - skincare routine at home