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Indian mother talking to her teenage daughter while chopping green vegetables
A school-going teenage child asking about a difficult lesson from her mother
Loving village mother holding and patting her baby to sleep - maternal care
Indian family across three generations - Family bonding between mother and daughter
Caring elderly Indian mother giving pills to her pregnant daughter - love and support
Shot of a teenage girl bringing beautiful surprise gifts for her mother
A loving child presenting a surprise gift to her beautiful mom - mother's day concept
Caring mother teaching her teenage daughter interesting recipe at home kitchen
Teen daughter giving a beautiful bouquet to her mother - happy family moment
Cheerful girl giving a hug to her sad mom to make her happy - mother-daughter bonding
Indian girl using a makeup brush on the cheekbones of her mother - Mother Daughter Bonding
Caring and affectionate mother hugging her teenage daughter - family bonding
Angry Indian mother scolding her daughter for not concentrating on her - Mother and Daughter Relation
Excited aged mother and her adult daughter talking while sitting on a sofa
Mother-daughter bonding - Cheerful lady kissing her adult child's forehead
Happy mother and grandmother sitting on the sofa and hugging their sweet girl
Sweet little Indian girl getting love and affection from her grandmother and mother
Cheerful teenage daughter celebrating her birthday with her beautiful mother
Smart urban mother teaching her daughter to run an application on the laptop
Girl relaxing on mother's lap helping her put card details for online shopping
Indian teenage girl teaching her mother to use a mobile application at home
Suspicious and worried mother upset about her teenage daughter's smartphone usage
Teenage Indian daughter talking to her loving mother - Mother-daughter bonding
A loving mother caring for her sick daughter suffering from flu lying on the sofa
Mother-daughter duo laughing and spending quality time - Indian village home
An adorable small child with her mother - Indian village home
Indian village mother putting her newborn baby to sleep - mother and child moment
Little son hugging his pregnant mother's belly with love and smile - new life concept