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Stressed Indian wife having tea while having a discussion with husband about financial issues
Young Indian teenager preparing for exams while caring mother offers juice - Concerned parents
Pretty Indian girl making stacks from coins - kids economy, saving money
Little girl sitting at the table and counting coins - kids economy, financial saving
Young good looking village husband giving Indian rupee notes to his wife - future investment
Happy Indian woman calculating her last month's savings - future investment. Village life
Young attractive bank agent guiding Indian farmer to fill-up new bank account's form
Young bank employee congratulating innocent Indian villager on his loan approval
Various Raksha Bandhan items beautifully placed on one another - North Indian festival
Beautifully placed Raksha Bandhan items for the festival celebrations - festive season
Tilt shot of various Raksha Bandhan items placed on one another - Indian festival
Top view of a decorated puja thali for Raksha Bandhan celebrations - Indian festival
Closeup of a beautifully decorated Raksha Bandhan thali - North Indian festival
Different Raksha Bandhan Items placed on one another with a beautiful rakhi on the top
Beautiful handmade rakhi on a rotating floral platform for Raksha Bandhan festival
Decorated orange platform with handmade rakhi and other items for Raksha Bandhan celebration
A tilt shot of a decorated puja thali for the Raksha Bandhan celebrations
Close-up shot of a decorated thali on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan - Indian festival
Pan left to right shot of a decorated puja thali - Raksha Bandhan festival
Top view of a beautifully decorated puja thali for festival celebrations - Raksha Bandhan
A beautiful rotating puja thali for Raksha Bandhan with colored background
Tilt shot of a beautiful peacock rakhi - symbol of brother-sister relationship
Pan shot of an elegant peacock rakhi with decorated Raksha Bandhan background
Top view of a Raksha Bandhan rakhi for festival celebrations - festive season
Beautiful mother teaching her cute daughter the concept of money saving - Parenting and Financial
Village scene of a man counting money and his wife cleaning food grain - rural concept
Bank agent helping Indian villagers to open new bank accounts - easy way to protect the money
Happy Indian man received money and a letter of appreciation - financial concept. Rural home