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Indian middle-aged businessman is measuring the weight of rice on a weighing scale - small business, honest
Closeup shot of a shopkeeper weighing rice at the scale at his shop - grocery purchase, unfair practice, cheating, consumer forum
A portrait shot of a happy Indian grocery store owner posing at his retail shop - fmcg products
Closeup of counting money or currency notes or cash - concept of tax savings, business profits, finance and banking
The Indian grocery shopkeeper - counting daily earning, financial freedom, saving concept, daily cash collection
Grocery or kirana store shopkeeper packing groceries - e-commerce delivery, dark store, shopping bag, retail store, online business
Close-up shot of kirana merchant busy on mobile phone at the grocery store - small business, shop next door, India
Indian woman giving cash money to the shopkeeper - purchasing groceries, kirana shop, small business, Indian store, selling fmcg products
Young excited woman holding mobile phone and Indian rupee banknotes after winning the lottery, financial freedom, celebration
Signing a cheque for payment - pay-check concept, payment by cheque, financial transaction
A beautiful Indian girl showing off her money - financial freedom, women with money, earning first salary, financial planning
Live candlestick charts on mobile screen - cryptocurrency market, betting, day trading, equity analysis
An Indian female tailor is happily counting / calculating her money - Indian currency, small business, daily earnings, side business, home-based business
A woman making a payment at the petrol pump using a mobile phone - scanning a QR code, gas station attendant, diesel
A mid-aged female farmer counting her hard-earned money - monthly income, agricultural loan, breadwinner of family
A happy Indian farmer talks on his smartphone while taking out hard-earned money from his pocket, a financial concept
An Indian farmer counting Indian currency banknotes - agricultural profit, future investment, agriculture income, wealthy farmer
Indian farmer offering his hard-earned money to his cheerful wife - farm sales, agribusiness, income, profit
Indian brother giving an envelope to her sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan - Indian Festival, brother-sister bonding
A beautifully dressed woman opens the envelope of money and talks on phone -Festival, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, banknotes, Indian currency
Beautiful Indian woman counting money from the envelope - Indian currency banknotes, Shagun ka lifafa, Indian rituals, Raksha Bandhan gift
A female accountant is counting a bundle of two hundred rupees - Indian banknotes, Indian currency, denominations
A lady holding the keys to her dream house - home application, buying a home, home possession, home ownership
Heap of differnt denominations of Indian currency notes - using calculator for expenditure, profit loss , financial analysis
Using a calculator to calculate medical expenses - medical insurance, medical loan, high hospital bill
A woman putting a gold coin in her golden piggybank - monthly salary, saving deposit
A woman putting a 10 Rupee coin inside her piggybank - monthly savings, future planning, financial planning, monthly savings
A lady keeping a small car model with Indian currency notes - car loan, car finance