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A female checking her mobile while working in the office - internet usage, reading messages
Closeup of female hands using a smartphone - scrolling mobile phone, laptop in the office, work performance cause
An attractive Indian lady with blue headphones is listening to music on a mobile - playlist, favorite songs, North East Indian girl
A middle-aged Indian guy with stubble talking on his old phone - basic phones, penetration of mobile phones
A beautiful Bengali lady dressed in the traditional dress using a smartphone - sitting on a rocking chair, mobile use
Three old Indian men are busy scanning their mobile phones - screen addiction, unhealthy lifestyle, phone overuse, no personal life
A teenage girl and an Indian old man are browsing a smartphone - an electronic gadget, teaching mobile usage
A strict Indian Bengali mother scolding her teenage daughter for excessive mobile use - cellphone addiction
Cheerful Indian mother and her little infant watching an online video / cartoon on mobile phone
Parents scolding their child for excessive mobile use - Technology addiction
Cheerful teenage girl wearing a beautiful gold necklace talking on her mobile
Young woman using mobile and chatting at night - leisure time. Long-distance relationship
Two mature adults browsing their mobile while sitting together on the sofa
Portrait of Indian businesswoman talking on mobile while taking down notes
Pretty young lady browsing her mobile while having morning tea / coffee - leisure time
Smart Indian young man sleeping with a blindfold, wake up and turn off the alarm on mobile phone
Young Indian child watching cartoon movie on a mobile phone, green screen - technology concept
Indian woman using her touchscreen mobile phone and looking confused
Close up of a young happy woman typing and chatting on her mobile phone with Christmas tree in the background
Cute Indian girl doing a video chat on her mobile smartphone with her friend
Couple sitting in a park with back towards each other using mobile phones
A young Indian lady using her touchscreen mobile during office hours - green screen shoot, green mobile screen
Close shot of typing on a smartphone screen - green screen shoot, chroma key, phone usage
A well-organized workplace desk with a laptop, mobile, and a diary
A young woman scrolling through the picture gallery on her new mobile in the office - office leisure time
Closeup shot of Female hands typing on the laptop keyboard - office work
Young Asian man in traditional Indian dress clicking a selfie - posing for Diwali celebration, Diwali lights
Indian man using a mobile phone - browsing smartphone. Diwali festival celebration