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Medium shot - Indian village woman making her little daughter sleep on her lap
A thoughtful young girl with black hair drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee at home
Portrait of a happy young girl waving her hand while making a video call at home
Pretty lady smiling while looking at a beautiful sketch in her hand
Portrait of a young asthmatic patient using an inhaler to breathe easily
Portrait of a hungry Indian lady with long black hair eating snacks / biscuits at night
A happy young woman wearing a printed top answering a call on the speakerphone
Portrait of a tired farmer washing his face after a hard day's work in the field - Indian village
An Indian man sitting near a river near an agricultural field washing his hands
An adorable little child giving a colorful gift to his sister on the Rakhi festival
A beautiful sister offering sweets to her sweet little brother on the festival of Rakhi
An Indian girl happily applying Tika / Tilak on her brother's forehead on the occasion of Rakhi
A young couple watching a favorite program on television with their adorable son
Portrait of a young man in a yellow T-shirt working from home during quarantine
Happy young parents having fun tickling their child sitting together on the bed
Portrait of a young father completing his office work on a laptop at night
A cheerful-looking Indian father, mother, and son posing in front of the camera
Portrait of a cheerful Indian mother busy completing her office work on a laptop
Portrait of a serious-looking female teacher taking online classes on her laptop
A young married couple hugging each other happily while posing for the camera
Portrait of a young Indian businessman doing his office work on his laptop
A concerned wife in her nightwear speaking to the doctor using her smartphone
A young couple reading the doctor's prescription at home - an online consultation
Handsome Indian male having a glass of water while checking his prescribed medicines
Portrait of a sick Indian male consulting a doctor using his smartphone at home
A young man in a yellow T-shirt wearing knee support resting with pillows on bed
Smart young tired businessman sleeping while working on his laptop at home
A young smiling businessman looking at laptop screen excited to get good news