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Medium shot - Indian village woman making her little daughter sleep on her lap
An elder sister and her adorable brother sleeping together at night - family bonding, night time
Happy siblings playing with blocks and airplane together in their leisure time - Brother sister bonding
Beautiful sister helping her little brother in completing his homework at home. Sibling bonding
Mother offering milk to a teenage girl - Hating milk. Avoid milk
Portrait of a young girl making notes - studying for exams
A sweet little boy with curly black hair playing a video game on his smartphone
A beautiful sister and her cute adorable brother playing with a toy car - siblings
An overworked Indian businessman feeling sleepy while working
A young mother narrating a bedtime story to her son before sleeping
Portrait of an adorable boy sleeping on his mother's lap while she is patting him
A little child coughing and sneezing while sleeping at night on the bed
An adorable child sleeping peacefully on his father's lap
Portrait of a sweet child playing games at night while his parents are fast asleep
Cheerful Indian parents having fun playing games with their son while sleeping
Portrait of a young workaholic businessman doing his office work on a laptop
A modern couple talking to their relatives on an online video call - distant communication
Young husband-wife couple working and talking - surfing internet
Portrait of a college student talking with her friends / relatives on her smartphone
A smiling female employee talking to a client on a video call on her laptop
An exhausted Indian woman turning off the television before going to sleep
A sick Indian woman having cough and cold drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee
Portrait of a tired businesswoman having a headache while sitting in the office
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 19th December 2020, A bare-chested man is having a bath in the dirty Yamuna river
A thoughtful young girl with black hair drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee at home
Portrait of a happy young girl waving her hand while making a video call at home
Pretty lady smiling while looking at a beautiful sketch in her hand
Portrait of a young asthmatic patient using an inhaler to breathe easily