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An Indian man saying no to something - refusing the offer, rejecting the plan, gesture of no, not listening
Portrait shot of beautiful young Indian woman flaunting her glowing skin after a skin treatment - chroma shoot
Beautiful young Indian girl in traditional wear excited for her first day at college - topper, university topper
Responsible citizen showing the ink mark on his index finger after casting his vote - assembly election, general election
Young Indian gamer playing online video game - professional gaming, gaming headset, neon
A professional Indian gamer relaxing after a long virtual playing session - leisure activity, relax, chill, refreshing
Government employee verifying the documentation process with an Indian farmer - farmer loan, insurance paperwork
Bank employee with the old farmer's family - tractor purchase, Krishi Yojana, emergency loan, farmer loan
An Indian farmer doing online KYC for tractor loan - bank employee, insurance agent, rich farmer, Indian agriculture system
An Indian government officer handing the tractor keys to the farmer's family - happy moment, govt policy, government scheme
Old Indian farmer is happy in his wheat field - crop, cereal crop, wheat cultivation, village life, desi lifestyle
A village family posing for the camera with their car keys - future investment, car purchase, travel, prosperity
Indian villager feels proud and poses with his tractor - progressive farmer, rich farmer, agricultural advancement, evolution
Handing over farm tractor keys to the old village man - tractor loan, buying trctor, buying new home, home keys
Medium shot of an old age Indian man suffering from extreme shoulder pain while sitting on a chair - joint pain, rural lifestyle
Grey-haired Indian teacher teaching school kids how to draw on blackboard - drawing class, government school
Young Indian girl teaching the easy use of a credit card to her grandmother mother - technology, technological advancement
Cheerful old aged rural Indian couple - rural lifestyle, desi couple, retro love, rich family, healthy, living life full size
Beautiful young Indian girl studying - mother making sweater through crocheting, sincere girl, college going, village home, sitting on floor
A beautiful young Indian using laptop with her grandma - dadi: success, happiness, topper girl
Grey-haired Indian mother meeting her daughter after a long time - mother-daughter bond, love, family bonding
An Indian elderly lady giving her vote in the EVM - registered voters, general elections, election process, democracy
An Indian political leader along with election officer corrupting the voting process - election manipulation, voting rigger
An Indian political party leader folding his hands and posing for the camera - assembly election, election winner, Indian democracy
An Indian politician giving away his flower bouquet and poses for the camera - election winner, lok sabha, new political party
An Indian political party leader joining his hands in front of the camera - general elections, neta ji, voting
An Indian politician distributing money to poor people - corrupted schemes, voting fraud, election manipulation
A corrupted political party leader giving bribe to the people - election manipulation, vote rigging, voting fraud, Indian democracy