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Pile of plastic bags, bottles, wrappers and other wastes dumped in a landfill
Young office woman talking to someone on her smartphone in her car after work
Tired business woman coming back from office in her car - lifestyle concept
A young sales manager with his team - Discussing sales performance and future forecasts
Happy Indian woman busy over a video call while riding home in her car
Indian business woman fixing her makeup in car parking before going to her workplace
Young office woman looking in the rearview mirror and putting makeup in her car - modern lifestyle
Happy Indian manager showing their company growth report - Happy colleagues clapping and cheering
Indian manager having a discussion on sales target and introducing his new secretary - corporate office
Indian manager presenting his monthly sales report to his senior colleagues - corporate office
Happy Indian female manager boss celebrating their team success - Corporate office
Happy Indian manager with his colleagues discussing project success - Corporate Office
Indian manager having a meeting with his young employees in the conference room - Corporate Concept
A senior manager of an Indian firm drinking water while having serious discussion on phone
Indian female manager getting angry at a junior staff
Young Indian manager having a discussion with an office colleague
A senior manager writing important points on a sticky notes during a client meeting
Young Indian manager looks at the file while the client waits
Indian young female manager talking over the phone
Finance manager of a company counting Rs 500 Indian currency bank notes
Irritated female manager shouts at the junior male colleague
Shot of an Indian boss giving reprimand to a female worker / colleague
A company manager analysing monthly product sales data of the company / team
Shot of an Indian corporate women speaking on her mobile and attending another call on the landline phone
Bank manager / cashier counts and checks the Indian currency - Rupee 500 notes
Shot of businesswomen checking the financial statement with a red coloured pen
Closeup shot of a chartered accountant checking company balance sheet
Bank manager counting Rs 200 Indian currency and keeping on the table