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Closeup shot of lovely young girl spending quality time with her boyfriend in a cafe - Valentine Day
The young teen couple happily posing while clicking selfies in a cafe in India
A group of four friends smiling and posing while clicking selfies in a cafe in India
Cute Indian couple laughing while watching videos in a cafe - happy moment. Valentine Day
Closeup shot of an Indian man grating the carrot to prepare Gajar Ka Halwa (Famous Sweet in India)
Preparation of Gajar Ka Halwa for the guests at an Indian wedding - closeup shot
A Halwai / Cook preparing Gajar Ka Halwa (Famous Indian Sweet) at an Indian wedding
Indian married couple spending quality time together while having lunch at home. Couple from India
A cute little girl from India eating a pizza slice against the white background - junk food, unhealthy food
Indian woman in traditional saree asking the husband to leave his phone and eat lunch/ dinner
Indian beautiful mother happily packing her son's backpack for school - Sikh family
A beautiful moment shared between Indian married couple during lunch / dinner time
Indian man choking while eating dinner/ lunch at home - Sick husband and concerned wife
Indian mother and son relationship and bonding - Young chef serving food to her mother
Beautiful young Sikh lady serving juice to her family members - family love. Indian army officer with his son, father, and wife
Indian army officer talking to his father and wife at the breakfast table - Serious discussion in Sikh family
Happy Indian Sikh family - Father as Army officer. Fun time at the dining table during breakfast
Happy Sikh Indian family eating together at home - family concept. Grandfather, father, mother, and grandson
Happy Asian family enjoying at the lunch table - singing cheerfully. Sikh Indian Family at Home
Happy Sikh Punjabi family having lunch together in a dining room - family concept
Indian Punjabi lady in ethnic wear serving food to her family with love - Army man with his father, son, and wife
Indian family having breakfast together at a dining table. Surd army man on a phone call
Indian overweight woman with a frowning expression - Humourous dieting concept
Mid age husband and wife having dinner/lunch. Husband on a business call, disturbed wife
Indian mother and son having a light conversation over lunch at home - Family bonding
Indian son feeding his mother while she caresses him - Mother son relationship in the family setup
A rural woman blowing with iron pipe into a chulha / traditional wood stove while making roti for her family
Close shot an Indian woman making chapati with hands