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Bottle gourd drink with a slice of lemon is being poured in transparent glass - Giya juice
Juicy yellow lemon falling inside a clear glass full of aromatic brewing black tea
Summer drink Sattu with a slice of lemon, Dhania, and chili pouring in a glass
A lemon slice is dropping inside a big glass of cool refreshing watermelon juice
Lemon slice falling on a wooden surface with pieces of juicy watermelon - Summer fruit India
Female hands taking a bite of lemon rice from a South Indian vegetarian Thali
Bubbling soda infused lemonade with big ice cubes and a lemon slice in a glass
Healthy iced lemon drink with mint leaves for detoxification poured in a glass
Pouring of lemon-flavored ice tea in transparent glass - cool summer drink
Fresh lemon juice is poured into a transparent glass with ice cubes
Fresh lemon juice pouring in a transparent glass decorated with a slice of lemon
Fresh lemon juice is poured into a glass with sliced lemon and mint leaves
Lemon slices falling in refreshing soda tonic water inside a transparent glass
Water falling inside a glass half-filled with a refreshing lemon juice
Lemon slice splashing in cold water - cool refreshing summer drinks
Sliced lemon falling inside a bowl of sprouted chickpea mixed for salad
Young Indian housewife drinking fresh lemon / Nimbu juice in the morning
Rotating cup of green tea decorated with a lemon slice kept on a jute mat
Closeup shot of woman hands squeezing lemon in a bowl full of Indian Namkeen
Shikanji / carbonated soda water poured in a glass with lemon slices and green chilies
Sliced green vegetable / Karela dropping in a glass of squash - herbal drink
Homemade delicious Lauki Sabzi / curry falling on a plate of rice and fresh Dhania
Flavored herbal tea with bubbles poured in transparent glass in the morning - Blacktea
A glass of fresh beetroot beverage decorated with a slice splashing out
A sweet vegetable juice rich in vitamin seasoned with mint leaves in a clear mug
Summer refreshing drink Sattu being decorated with a sliced chili in a glass
A freshly cut lemon half being dropped in a glass of cool summer drink - Jaljeera
Crispy Boondi falling in a clear glass of refreshing Jaljeera drink - homemade recipe