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A handsome guy wearing trendy sunglasses while posing for the camera on Holi - an Indian festival, vibrant colors
A man in white kurta blowing gulal from his hand on the eve of Holi - colorful holi, Holi color sprinkle
An attractive male in a white Kurta playing Holi with his beautiful wife on a farm - Holi celebrations, organic colors
A young Indian couple smeared with Holi colors on their faces drinking Thandai together - happy faces, togetherness and bonding, cheerful
Young happy friends greet each other by putting yellow and green Gulal on Holi - organic colors, vibrant, togetherness and bonding
College friends wearing a white Kurta and a scarf enjoy clicking a selfie on Holi - festive season, leisure time, togetherness and bonding
A cheerful Indian youngster greeting people on Holi with a plate of traditional Gujia
A middle-aged Indian laborer in a Kurta-Pajama helping his wife while studying - beti padhao beti bachao, female literacy
A handsome happy rural villager sitting alone on the Chaarpai at home
A female artist painting the face of a young girl with the Tricolors of the National Flag
Cheerful youth enjoys playing colors with Pichakari during Holi party outdoors
Handsome young adult drinking Thandai standing outdoors on Holi festival
Portrait of a rural male with a beard posing for the camera during the night
Village scene of a handsome Indian middle-aged farmer busy talking on his smartphone
Modern Indian farmer in a Kurta-Pyjama showing thumbs-up while using a laptop
Modern Indian villager wearing a Kurta working on a laptop alone at his home
Affectionate Indian village couple standing indoors while smiling for the camera
Village scene - An Indian villager smiling towards the camera while drinking tea
Frustrated village man smoking alone sitting at home - stressed lifestyle
Young Indian man chatting on phone wearing traditional kurta - festival concept
Attractive man in traditional Indian wear smiling and texting on a smartphone - Festive decor
A handsome Indian man in a kurta takes selfies from different angles
The middle-aged Indian farmer is smiling while showing his monthly income
Muslim man wearing kufi prostrating and worshiping Allah on the carpet at home
Cute Indian kid stood next to a grassy wheat field smiling in a Kurta Pajama
Smiling Indian guy in Kurta Pajama joining hands and greeting on Holi festival
Young village boy salutes with Indian National flag - Republic / Independence day
Young farm boy running with the tricolor flag of India - Independence / Republic day