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Raw sliced bittermelon falling in a ceramic bowl with more bitter gourd
A glass of bitter gourd juice and sliced Karela beautifully decorated on a plate
Refreshing green kiwi fruit juice pouring into a transparent glass - cool summer drink
Orange slices splashing in a transparent jug filled with nutritional orange juice
Closeup shot of apple juice poured into a transparent glass jug - healthy diet concept
Closeup shot of fresh apple juice in a glass jug or a container - healthy fruits diet
Hands pouring homemade apple juice into a glass from a jug - ready to drink, healthy living
Hands of an Indian lady takes away the glass of apple juice - healthy fruit diet
Closeup shot of an Indian woman's hands keeping a glass of apple juice on a wooden table
A basket of red juicy apples rotating clockwise on a turntable - healthy food concept
Still shot of pouring homemade apple juice into a glass jug or a container - healthy living
Pure milk is being heated / boiled in a big Tawa and poured into a big jug
Crispy Boondi falling in a clear glass of refreshing Jaljeera drink - homemade recipe
Pan shot of a jug with kiwi smoothie and a plate full of kiwi fruit slices on a table
Turmeric powder is being sprinkled on raw bitter gourd kept in a ceramic bowl - Karela pickle / Achaar
A piece of bitter gourd cut in a round shape falling inside a bowl of Karela paste
Bottle gourd drink with a slice of lemon is being poured in transparent glass - Giya juice
A freshly cut lemon half being dropped in a glass of cool summer drink - Jaljeera
Cool summer beverage Jaljeera / Jal-jeera being poured in a transparent glass
Transparent straw dipped in a glass of kiwi fruit juice - a tasty drink for healthy diet
Raw mango lemonade with ice cubes and mint leaves pouring in a glass jar - Summer drink in India
Pure water pouring in a transparent glass with bubbles forming - refreshing to drink
Tropical fruits concept - Nutritious shiny oranges with juice in the background
Vitamin-rich orange juice pouring into a transparent glass with slices in a bowl
A frustrated man going through papers and forms and throwing them on a table
Pouring of fresh milk into a transparent jar on the greyish black background
Indian married couple spending quality time together while having lunch at home. Couple from India
Beautiful young Sikh lady serving juice to her family members - family love. Indian army officer with his son, father, and wife