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Housewife waving on a video call to her friend while chopping vegetables for salad
A modern middle-aged housewife calculating her monthly income - Village home, salary, savings
Indian housewife making chutney using a stone grinder / sil batta
An Indian middle-aged Gujarati lady greeting in traditional Indian Namaste - smiling woman, Indian culture, traditional dress
A middle-aged Gujarati lady in her forties talking on her smartphone - smiling woman, traditional dress, middle class
An old Indian lady doing online shopping - using a debit card, credit card, e-commerce website, online shopping
An aged Indian housewife eating Samosa - Indian street food, deep-fried, stuffed samosa, unhealthy food, trans fat, oily food
A middle-aged Indian housewife offering a popular Gujarati snack to her guests - spongy, delicious
A middle-aged Indian housewife doing household work while her husband is busy on the phone - a domestic lifestyle, leisure time
A middle-aged Indian housewife talking on her smartphone while cutting vegetables - household work, domestic lifestyle
An Indian lady in her forties talking on her mobile - gossip, time pass, leisure time
An Indian housewife helping her young son with his homework - school assignments, parent-child relationship
A middle-aged Gujarati housewife counting her last month's savings and noting it - hard-earned money, investment
The top shot of a beautiful Indian lady lying on the bed - happy time, relaxing at home, me time at home
An Indian housewife offering a glass of milk to her adorable son - avoid milk, hate milk, caring mother
An elderly Indian woman wearing eyeglasses is checking her doctor's prescription - a medical prescription
An aged Indian lady practicing Anulom-Vilom exercises - long breathing, doing Pranayam, alternate nostril breathing
An aged Indian housewife practicing Yoga pranayam or breathing exercises - healthy lifestyle, kapal bhati
An aged Indian housewife is counting Indian currency banknotes - Indian currency, 500 rupee note, 200 rupee note
An elderly woman / an aged grandmother putting a small red Bindi - a woman's accessory, Indian custom
An aged housewife / an Indian grandmother is talking on mobile while lying - late-night call, leisure time
An old Indian lady / an aged housewife applying hair oil for nourishment
An aged Indian housewife / an Indian grandmother is treating her wounded hand - injury, scars, bruises
An attractive Indian housewife removing the face pack - beauty and healthcare, skin treatment
A young Indian female house chores - Indian housewife, domestic lifestyle, laundry, household chores
A beautiful Indian housewife practicing Anulom Vilom exercises - doing pranayam, long breathing, alternate nostril breathing
An attractive Indian housewife in casual clothes browsing / scrolling on mobile - busy mother, single mother, modern housewife
A middle-aged Indian housewife is talking on her mobile while preparing food - household work