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A middle-aged Indian housewife talking on her smartphone while cutting vegetables - household work, domestic lifestyle
A portrait of a rural male with stubble - posing for the camera, poor man, daily wage worker
A poor man from India doing household chores - folding a shirt
A middle-aged rural man cooking food at home - slicing potato with a sharp knife, evening meal, poor family, single man
Indian siblings having a glassful of milk - brother and sister, healthy food and nutrition, hates milk
A middle-aged Indian housewife doing household work while her husband is busy on the phone - a domestic lifestyle, leisure time
A cheerful village family enjoying playing together in their agricultural field - family time, family bonding
Young smiling children from a rural household roaming in their rice field - Indian agriculture, village lifestyle
A middle-aged farmer working on a laptop while his wife is doing hand embroidery - modern villager
A beautiful married housewife walking through a field with a pitcher - Village scene
A caring young mother of a village making her daughter wear a cap and shawl - winter season, winter flu, cold and cough, sick child
A pretty housewife of an Indian village feeding baby food to her newborn baby
A middle-aged village lady plays with a newborn baby girl on her lap - a village home in India, small family
A middle-aged woman and her school-aged daughter of a village chatting together - Village home in India
An attractive female farmer in a traditional Sari learning to write - Shiksha, Beti padao beti bachao, education
A sweet girl child from an Indian village hugging her affectionate mother
A little child from a village in India hugging her mother and aunt sitting together - Family in village
Middle-aged village woman happily making dinner for her family on a Chulha
Village scene of an Indian farmer teaching his daughter on a digital laptop
Indian village woman walking with a pitcher (Ghara) in an agricultural field
Woman hands slicing tomato and capsicum using a knife on a chopping board
Closeup shot of dishwashing liquid detergent falls on a yellow and green sponge
Closeup shot of woman hands washing clothes using detergent in a plastic tub
Moving shot of a drainage ditch filled with domestic / household waste
Rubbish household waste scattered in a roadside water drainage - bad ecology
Top view of a blocked water drainage ditch with household or domestic waste in India
Pan shot of an illegal roadside garbage dump in India - environmental pollution
Tilt shot of garbage like plastic bags, bottles, household waste, etc at the side of a river