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Close up of an Indian male using smartphone and typing
Young husband alone at home checking the recipe on mobile to cook his meal
Attractive home chef checking recipe on his smartphone before cooking
Cute little village schoolgirl happily playing with a paper airplane at home
Medium shot - Educated Indian villager happily working on his digital laptop
Educated Indian villager happily showing new things to his wife on a laptop
Village scene of a middle-aged couple happily spending time together at home
Village scene of Indian parents happily embracing their cute little daughter
Village scene - An Indian villager smiling towards the camera while drinking tea
Young village girl saving/collecting Indian rupee coins in a golden money bank
Confident young villager working on a laptop - progressive Indian farmer
Indian village daughter happy with money saved in a piggybank for education
Happy Indian housewife braiding child's hair - mother-daughter bonding
Attractive female farmer happily chatting on her smartphone at home
Village housewife putting card details of her new debit/credit card for online purchase
Happy village housewife counting her earnings - home finance concept
Young mother learning to run a laptop from her daughter - modern villager
Mother and daughter playing hand clap games - happy parenting
Frustrated village man smoking alone sitting at home - stressed lifestyle
Indian boyfriend-girlfriend cheerfully greeting their relatives on a video call
Attractive Indian couple happily talking to their friends over a video call/chat
Young boyfriend-girlfriend happily greeting their friends over a group video chat
Young Indian couple working together and discussing their project plan
Cute little girl happily playing with her father on a tree swing during leisure time
Indian farmer happily going to drop his little daughter to school on a bicycle
Backview of an Indian father going to drop his daughter to school on a bicycle
Indian village family standing against the Sarso field with a dream house model
A modern woman with long black hair drinking tea/coffee while reading