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A young Indian couple planning a renovation and interior design after moving in - relocation and family
A middle-aged Indian woman sipping tea / coffee in a hospital room - hospital care, hospital food, ecg monitor
A young Indian girl is typing on a keyboard of a laptop - green screen
An educated Indian woman is reading her favorite book at home - a favorite pastime, hobby
Closeup shot of a hand with loose sand falling - desert area, grains of sand, sand particles
Crispy crunchy French fries falling on a plate with a burger - fast food, American cuisine
An aged Indian couple is drinking tea / coffee - terrace garden, happy couple, retired life
A young female patient is having a bowl of soup in the hospital - healthy food, a nutritious diet
A caring Indian boy feeding his pregnant wife in the hospital - healthy diet, care and assistance, hospital room
An Indian lady is reading an interesting book in her leisure time - a college student, a favorite pastime, education, North East Indian girl
Shot of a freshly prepared green tea in a cup - morning tea, beverage
Three middle-aged guys enjoy evening tea together - old friends, celebration, old college friends
An aged housewife spending time alone and reading a book - sipping coffee, tea
A portrait shot of a young girl with long black hair drinking tea / coffee at home - beverage
Indian food - a wide variety of Indian vegetarian food items, dining table, delicious food
Female deep-frying Bread Pakora in a frying pan with hot oil - tasty snack, unhealthy food
A loving Indian couple spending their free time together at home - family bonding, couple bonding, romantic couple, South India
An attractive Indian couple chatting together while having a cup of tea / coffee - beverage, togetherness and bonding
A college student wearing reading an interesting book at-home - education and learning, a favorite pastime, literature
A young lady in her twenties drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee while relaxing indoors - winter season
A smart young boy pours boiling hot tea from a stainless steel kettle into a transparent glass - beverage, winter season
A sick young man drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee at home - beverage, self-treatment, health and medical
A smart young man talking on his mobile while relaxing on a comfortable sofa
Caramel / sugar syrup poured on freshly baked cupcakes decorated with tutti fruity
Delicious muffins in paper molds being prepared at home - a sweet recipe
A middle-aged Indian woman reading a book while sitting comfortably on the floor
A young married couple drinking tea / coffee while sitting together on the bed
A cute infant playing with her parents in the living room - Working husband and housewife, after office hours, tired male