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A young woman happily greeting in a traditional Indian namaste - colorful festive background
Cute little kid playing doctor's role while wearing a stethoscope - role-playing concept
Young beautiful female doctor happily smiling in a white coat - medical concept
Beautiful Indian practitioner holding a stethoscope while wearing a doctor's coat
Closeup shot of a female doctor holding stethoscope for check-up
Indian medical professional showing a red and white colored capsule - healthcare concept
Senior female doctor holding an injection in her hand over white background
Beautiful senior doctor holding a heap of medicines in her hand - white background
Young female doctor showing an apple with an OK gesture - white background
Closeup shot of a female doctor in white coat wearing a stethoscope - medical concept
Indian medical professional with stethoscope and folded arms in a white lab coat
Video clip of a young patient discussing his problem with the dentist - Health, Fitness, Wellness
Stock video of dentist explaining the procedure to a male patient in dentist room
Stock video of Indian dentist treating the patient in the hospital / dental clinic
Portrait of a beautiful female client smiling in the hospital / dental studio
Stock video of close up of a professional doctor wearing medical gloves
Indian Health Care: Doctor with stethoscope examining the medical report in hospital
Video footage: Confident handsome Indian doctor smiling at the camera
Beautiful young Indian female doctor smiling at the camera
HD video of a smiling handsome man in the hospital / dental clinic
Portrait of a happy male client in the hospital and young dentist / doctor smiling
Colourful medicine pills rotating on the table
Close shot of different medical pills on a rotating table
Close pan shot of medicines on a table
Close pan shot of medical pills lying on the table
Shot of colorful medical pills falling on the table