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Healthy drink - Happy adolescent girl having fresh white milk at home
Indian mother and teenager daughter partying at home with healthy juice and cookies
A loving mother caring for her sick daughter suffering from flu lying on the sofa
Indian mother-daughter relationship - Sick daughter and caring mother
A village mother caring for her son while ignoring her daughter - Gender discrimination and inequality
An adorable small child with her mother - Indian village home
Mother and father happily caring for their newborn child - parenthood
Indian village mother putting her newborn baby to sleep - mother and child moment
Female boxer hitting a punching bag while preparing for kickboxing training
Indian female fighter wrapping boxing bandages - kickboxing training
Health-conscious girl wiping sweat with a towel after her workout session indoors
Young fit woman having a protein shake after a gym session - healthy lifestyle
Indian female boxer wrapping her hands with bandage tape - self-defense
An attractive Indian lady with dumbles exercising indoors -Indoor gym
Woman measuring her waist and sucking in to reduce figures - weight loss
Young fit female measuring her waist with a tape measure - weight loss
Indian woman football player bouncing the ball indoors - fit and active sportswoman
Young woman from Indian woman football team - Soccer player from India
Side view of a short-haired Indian lady working out while wearing an earphone
Good looking Indian girl in the gym during an exercise session - Health and Fitness
Portrait of a gymnast in blue clothes staring away from the camera - Indian athlete
Woman using a mobile while resting during fitness training - a healthy lifestyle
Fit woman in gym clothes doing warm-up before exercise
Portrait of a sportswoman with gloves - Indian female boxer
Fit and healthy Indian woman having a juicy red apple during winter
Happy teenager enjoying winter at home while reading a storybook at home
Injured young woman drinking healthy orange juice sitting at home to get fit
Indian female in white clothes relaxing at her home with a cosmetic face mask