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4k video footage of a woman lying down and enjoying foot a massage at the spa - spa beauty treatment, relaxation therapy, aromatherapy
Close-up shot of a young woman getting leg and feet massage in resort spa salon - healthcare, massage oil concept, acupressure
Female masseuse massaging the legs of a client in a relaxed and calm atmosphere - spa center, healthy body and skin, self-love care
Close-up shot of a woman getting relaxing deep tissue calves muscle massage - spa treatment, foot massage
Leg massage in an Ayurvedic massage center - calf muscle, wellness center, aromatherapy, ayurvedic therapy, bokeh, dry massage
A beautician puts cotton pads on a woman's eyes before a facial treatment procedure - Cosmetology treatment, anti-aging treatment
A young Asian woman receiving a body massage in a spa center - spa treatments, relaxing neck massage
A beautician wipes a woman's face after a cosmetic procedure - face treatment, skincare, spa treatment, lasik treatment preparation
Close-up shot of a young Indian woman consulting with the cosmetologist - anti-aging treatment, self-care, facial care
Closeup shot of a cosmetologist consulting an Indian woman client at her clinic - anti-aging, skin care, skin scar, smooth skin
Closeup up of a cosmetologist checking patients skin for cosmetic skin procedure - skin treatment, glowing skin
An Indian man choosing between healthy food and fast food snacks - Diet or healthy lifestyle concept, food choices
A young Indian man taking deep breath - reducing stress, calm, peace, stress free, relaxed, gaming setup
Medium shot of a wooden spa table ready with almond oil and scented wax candles for a rejuvenating session - relaxing
Beautiful spa composition with aromatic products - scented wax candle, almond oil
A close-up shot of an Indian girl choosing between a sanitary pad or tampon - better menstrual products, female monthly struggle, better blood absorption
An Indian girl opening an individually packed sanitary pad - periods, education, awareness, hygiene, menstrual cycle
A creative shot of a sanitary pad with soft red feathers kept on a yellow background - blood absorption, menstrual essentials, period health
A creative shot of painful mensuration with a sanitary pad and falling board pins on a yellow background - menstruation cramps, heavy bleeding
A visual representation showing that menstrual cups are better than sanitary pads and tampons - alternative periods essentials
The raw commercial of a white sanitary napkin on a yellow background with red feathers
An Indian overweight man performing a workout in open gym - dumbbell lift, fitness, healthy lifestyle, obese man, BMI
Overweight Indian man jogging in the park - losing weight, fitness regime, fat to fit, stamina-building
Portrait of an obese indian man sitting in a park and drinking water - hydration, fitness, healthy lifestyle
An Indian obese man eating fried samosa after a workout - obesity, excess weight, public park, urge to eat, unhealthy lifestyle
Indian man doing exercise to lose belly fat - Fitness, Weight loss, fat cutting, fat reduction, workout, tired
Portrait of Overweight man getting tired - weight loss, fat loss, healthy lifestyle, excessive sweat
An overweight Indian man is exercising on a cross-trainer machine - weight loss, healthy lifestyle, motivation