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Young attractive woman practicing Balasana (child pose) on a yoga mat - healthy lifestyle
Focused Indian woman exercising yoga on green grass - concept of healthy lifestyle
Tilt view of healthy cool summer drink with a whole pineapple and its slices
Making a kiwi fruit smoothie in a blender - refreshing drink for healthy living
Sliced healthy orange muskmelon dropping / splashing inside a glass of juice - Summer drink India
Woman's hand keeping a glass of healthy Kharbuja extract on a white table - Summer drink India
Healthy man putting his one leg on another while standing like a tree - Vrikshasana
Healthy Indian man practicing Yoga asana or exercise called Anulom Vilom
Portrait of smiling Indian girl drinking fresh healthy juice at home
A beautiful girl cutting fresh vegetables to prepare healthy food in her kitchen
Indian female athlete in sportswear drinking protein shake - healthy drink concept
A glass of healthy apple juice with a basket of juicy apples in the background
A glass of healthy fruit juice with red juicy apples placed on a wooden table
Closeup shot of organic vegetables for a healthy lifestyle against the black background
Healthy woman doing yoga Paschimottanasana (sitting forward bend pose) early morning before her office
Indian woman in a dilemma and shaking her head to choose between fruits and junk food - Healthy lifestyle
Cute Indian boy sitting at his study table and having milk - healthy food concept
Healthy Indian woman in sportswear doing yoga asanas - fitness concept
Beautiful young woman doing yoga postures on a fitness mat in a garden - sportswear
Pretty Indian woman practicing asanas on a yoga mat - healthy lifestyle
A bowl of oats with black grapes and sliced almonds rotating on a turntable
Shot of an Indian women pouring cold coffee into a mug full of ice
A girl under the process of making a healthy vegetable sandwich
Pouring fresh milk in a glass for the healthy breakfast
Unpeeled pineapple with stalk spinning and rotating against a white background
Fork picking up a piece of nutritious juicy pineapple from a bowl - healthy fruit
One peeled and one uncut ripe pineapple rotating against an orange background
Round slices of ripe pineapple rotating on a wooden table - healthy fruit