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Happy Indian family in traditional dress for Diwali celebration - Diwali decoration with colorful lights and flowers
A cute little girl happily talking to her mother - wrapped in a blanket, winter season, happy childhood, night time, sleeping time
A middle-aged Indian husband-wife and young kids - Happy Indian family, video call, online communication
A cheerful Indian husband-wife with their son - happy parenting, leisure time, middle-class family, nuclear family, single child
Happy Indian family from Bengal - Playing cards, teenage kids, and middle-aged parents
A happy Indian middle-aged couple and two young kids eating food together - delicious food, Gujarati snack
An Indian father teaching his young school-going son - helping with homework - happy parenting
A happy young Indian mother chatting with her little kids while embracing them - quality time, happy parenting
A young mother and father playing with their son and daughter while tickling them - happy parenting, a nuclear family
A young boy playing arm-wrestling with his father - physical strength, happy parenting, a competitive match
Indian husband-wife packing a suitcase together getting ready for a vacation - traveling, a safe and happy journey
A caring young mother and father playing with their daughter while tickling her - nuclear family, parenting, happy childhood
A happy Bengali couple and their young daughter appreciate tasty food - a good cook, homecooked cuisine
Young Muslim family in India - A boy wearing a round skull cap hugging his father - love and care, happy parenting
A happy schoolgirl twisting and turning a yellow Hula hoop in her hand - playtime, a fun activity, picnic
A cute baby girl learning to walk - Playing with a colorful balloon, happy childhood, freedom, a fun activity
A young cheerful couple enjoying quality time with their cute adorable son - happy parenting, relationship and togetherness
A happy village lady in traditional Saree carrying her little daughter on her back - mother-daughter bonding, piggyback
A happy young man in a white Kurta applying colorful Gulal on little boy's face - Holi festival, organic colors, Holi party
Townpark, Faridabad, India - Dec/2021 - Cheerful Indian girl blowing bubbles in the garden with the family - happy childhood, beautiful garden, soup bubbles.
Cute Indian Couple wishing Happy Holi to friends and relatives on a video call - Beautiful, bonding
Beautiful girl wishing happy Holi in India - calling over the phone, blessing, festival of color
Happy Young Couple listening to Holi songs and smiling - Indian festival, Gulal
A happy Indian family using a smartphone together while lying down in bed - nuclear family, small family
A village woman in a printed Saree enjoys feeding healthy vegetables to her son - parenting, child care, happy family, nuclear family
A happy father carrying his smiling little son on his shoulders at home
Happy Indian housewife braiding her daughter's hair while helping her to get ready - village home, mother daughter bonding
A young Indian couple playing / hugging their little daughter at home - Happy nuclear family, young parents