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Indian man drinking natural coconut water with a straw from a roadside vendor
Beautiful pregnant woman giggling and blushing while talking over a phone call
Pregnant woman texting someone using her smartphone with a smile on her face
An expecting female caressing and embracing her baby bump with her hands
Beautiful pregnant woman eating fresh grapes while sitting comfortably in bed
Expecting beautiful woman reading books on pregnancy while relaxing in her bed
Pregnant Indian female smiling and enjoying literature while lying in her bed
The pregnant woman enjoys reading while relaxing in her bed - lifestyle concept
Pregnant Indian woman eating a bowl full of fresh fruits while sitting in her bed
Indian pregnant woman eating fresh fruits while relaxing in her bed - healthy diet
Happy husband taking care of her beautiful pregnant wife while she is sleeping
Beautiful pregnant woman showing her reports to someone over a video call
Loving husband surprises his pregnant wife by holding her belly from behind
Romantic Indian husband kissing his beautiful pregnant wife on the forehead
Pan shot of an excited pregnant woman telling her husband that the baby kicked
Pregnant Indian couple spending quality time together during the final trimester
Pregnant Indian couple having a good time together while sitting outdoors
Caring husband pouring fruit juice for his pregnant wife and himself on a date
Pregnant couple exchanging glances while exercising in bed - pregnancy yoga
A beautiful pregnant woman practicing yoga exercises with her loving husband
Loving husband tests the blood pressure of his pregnant wife using a machine
Sick pregnant lady finding solace in husband's loving embrace - Caring Husband
Caring husband gives medicine to his pregnant wife suffering from a headache
Beautiful pregnant woman texting someone on her phone while resting in the bed
An expecting Indian female looking into the camera with a wide smile on her face
Closeup shot of a pregnant woman smiling at the camera - final trimester concept
A beautiful pregnant woman happily showing her baby bump in the final trimester
Pregnant Indian couple holding a pair of baby's blue socks during the final trimester