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A handsome guy and his beautiful pregnant wife hugging together in the bedroom
A handsome young guy working on his laptop late at night - working from home
A young man and his beautiful pregnant wife on a video call while using a mobile
A young businessman in casual clothes working from home during COVID-19
A young guy in casual clothes greeting people with a Hi gesture during a video call
A young guy with a beard attending a business call while working on his laptop
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 9th November 2019, A young guy wearing a traditional Rajasthani Topi eating a plate of Malpua
A smart Indian guy scrolling / browsing his smartphone. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Portrait of a handsome boy making a time out gesture. Green screen / Chroma shoot
An attractive guy in his thirties showing the Ok super sign. Green screen / Chroma shoot
A young man with stubble in a blue shirt putting finger to his lips. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Handsome Indian guy with a toothache. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Handsome man having bad breath issues - medical treatment. Green screen / Chroma shoot
A young senior doctor talking to his patient on a video call - online consultation - Chroma shoot
Doctor's hand checking the body temperature of a young man during Coronavirus
Portrait of a young guy taking off his medical mask - COVID
A young student in a yellow T-shirt smoking a cigarette - modern lifestyle
No smoking campaign - A young man holding a cigarette in his hand
A young lonely Indian guy in a casual T-shirt - Sick and unwell at home
Portrait of a smart boy covered under a blanket having medicines for toothache
Portrait of a sick and lonely Indian man in a yellow T-shirt measuring his temperature
Portrait of a smart young man with stubble turning the pages of a storybook
Bored Indian guy in a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans using mobile before sleeping
Portrait of a handsome guy eating chips while watching television at home
Portrait of a smart guy sitting with a bowl of snacks while watching television
Portrait of a cheerful Indian man watching television relaxing after work in the evening
A smart guy with a stubble typing a message on the laptop while relaxing in bedroom
Portrait of a young man in a black T-shirt and blue jeans using his laptop at home