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Hands of an Indian farmer examining fresh rice plant in the organic paddy field
Young agricultural laborer checking fresh rice plants at the farm in India - Village Scene
Tilt shot of water flowing from the tubewell in an Indian agricultural field - irrigation system in the village
Pan shot of freshwater flowing into the agricultural fields of Delhi/NCR, India - Farm in Village
Still shot of a plate of delicious samosas served with masala chai(tea) in India
Fresh peas poured on a deep-fried crispy samosa in a ceramic white plate - Indian food
Closeup shot of apple juice poured into a transparent glass jug - healthy diet concept
Closeup shot of fresh apple juice in a glass jug or a container - healthy fruits diet
A glass of healthy apple juice with a basket of juicy apples in the background
Hands pouring homemade apple juice into a glass from a jug - ready to drink, healthy living
Hands of an Indian lady takes away the glass of apple juice - healthy fruit diet
Closeup shot of an Indian woman's hands keeping a glass of apple juice on a wooden table
A glass of fresh apple juice with red apples on a wooden table - healthy diet concept
A glass of healthy fruit juice with red juicy apples placed on a wooden table
Closeup shot of pouring apple fruit juice into a wine glass - healthy beverage
A basket of red juicy apples rotating clockwise on a turntable - healthy food concept
Pan shot of beautifully plated fresh samosas with a bowl of tomato sauce - fast food
Still shot of pouring homemade apple juice into a glass jug or a container - healthy living
Low angle shot of pearl millet crop ready for harvesting in an Indian farm
Pan shot of Bajra or Bajri on a beautiful summer day in Delhi/NCR, India
Moving shot of a roadside river canal with dirty water, green grass and bushes all around
Closeup shot of a roadside Halwai preparing the stuffing for samosa - Indian food
Smoke emission from factory pipes contaminating fresh air in an industrial area
Young Indian man helping his son in planting a sapling in a city park - leisure concept
Closeup shot of pakoras (fritters) being prepared in hot oil for guests at the Indian wedding
A young man and his kid sprinkling water over big trees in a garden - leisure time
A young attractive man gardening a little sapling with his son in a park - ecology concept
Indian father and son watering a plant while gardening in a park - save environment concept