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Water is flowing through the rocks in a river valley - ecology, fresh water, rain water, rivers in mountains, closeup
A wild elephant in the zoo - endangered species, mammal, mammoth animal, tusker, held in captivity
Clean And clear river water flowing through the valley in between the mountains - fresh water, scenic, Ganges
An upset Indian woman experiencing bad network service from telecom operator - poor mobile signal, teenager, mobile addiction
A big brown elephant with long white tusks in the jungle - large mammal, wild elephant
A group of Langurs/monkeys playing at the hill top - animal, wild animal
A cable car ride along the ropeway - an adventure, sightseeing, transportation
An open forest / forested area covered with green trees - a natural environment
A mountain goat grazing in the open fields - a mammal, cattle, livestock
Beautiful scenery of a clean river passing through the mountains in Himachal Pradesh in India - river water, river valley, natural source of water
A big brown elephant in the forest area/jungle - endangered species, happy elephant swaying
An elephant in the forest - mammal, endangered species, wild animal, jungle scene
An elephant is flapping his ears while drinking water with its trunk - a giant animal, an endangered species, drinking water from pipe, big tusks
Water is being sprayed on an elephant while having a bath in the forest - a giant animal, a mammal
Close-up shot of a big tree in the forest - covered with fresh green leaves, fresh air, pollution-free environment
A closeup view of a coffee plant - green coffee beans, beautiful green leaves, blooming, natural, greenery, ecology
Close-up shot of a green plant - Natural beauty, the joy of nature
Pan shot of a dense forest in a remote village - beautiful landscape
Lush greenery with Palm trees in a forest in Backwater- Beautiful scenery, natural surrounding, green environment
Close up of black grub burrowing into the soil - Insect on sand
Karnataka, Coorg, India, April/2020 - South Indian villager waking with a billhook in a forest - checked shirt, tree cutter, laborer
Karnataka, Coorg, India, April/2020: Backview of School kids crossing the bridge - Wearing school dress, elementary classes,
Karnataka, Coorg, India - April/2020 - View of a small bridge over river
Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India, 8th November 2021, A curious female deer looking around in the national park
Ranthambore Fort, Rajasthan, India, 8th November 2021, A number of people visiting the ancient Ranthambore Fort
Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India, 8th November 2021, A pair of grey and young Langurs sitting together on the wall
Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, 8th November 2021, Different herds of animals grazing in an open ground in the national park
Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, 8th November 2021, A Royal Bengal Tiger walking around in the Ranthambore National park