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Cute Indian boy sitting at his study table and having milk - healthy food concept
Indian young woman eating instant noodles at home - Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits
Indian pretty girl having junk food at midnight - fast food eating. Unhealthy lifestyle and food habits
Indian Punjabi lady in ethnic wear serving food to her family with love - Army man with his father, son, and wife
Young pretty girl happily playing with chocolate donuts against white background
Happy modern woman smiling and playing with donuts in casual clothing - leisure concept
Beautiful Indian girl eating yummy chocolate donuts isolated over white background
Young husband-wife sitting and smiling together while eating food on a charpai - Village Couple
Beautiful young woman eating an apple after a tough workout session - healthy food
Indian woman eating high-calorie food, Vegetable burger - Health risk concept
Indian fat woman consuming an appetizing food - Unhealthy food Concept
Indian overweight woman eating a burger at home - Junk and unhealthy food
Indian woman in a dilemma and shaking her head to choose between fruits and junk food - Healthy lifestyle
Overweight Indian woman eating a healthy organic green salad at home - Health concept
Overweight Indian woman taking handfull of chips and eating in front of a television - Junk food concept
Overweight Indian woman relaxing on a couch after eating - Unhealthy lifestyle
Village scene of a man counting money and his wife cleaning food grain - rural concept
Pretty casual girl eating chocolate to fill her stomach - hunger concept
Indian beautiful girl eating noodles with pleasure in front of the camera - white background
Happy little boy smeared with chocolate - fun food. Kids childhood naughty activities
Beautiful little Indian girl having breakfast with cereals, milk in the kitchen - Health, Morning school routine
Young Indian preschooler eating cupcakes at home in the kitchen
Cute little kid girl holding and enjoying tasty cupcakes in the kitchen
Happy wife serving home cooked food to her husband with love and care - Family bonding
Mid age husband and wife having dinner/lunch. Husband on a business call, disturbed wife
Indian cook working with hot oil in kadhai and preparing sweets for a party
Footage of rotating bowl of oats garnished with black grapes and sliced almonds
A bowl of oats with black grapes and sliced almonds rotating on a turntable