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Healthy drink - Happy adolescent girl having fresh white milk at home
A village brother and sister playfully fighting with each other - family bonding
Fit and healthy Indian woman having a juicy red apple during winter
Lots of orange slices churning into a transparent juicer mixer jar - tropical fruit
Fresh orange juice prepared into an open juicer mixer jar - healthy organic diet
Female's hand squeezing fresh orange juice into a clear glass - healthy diet
Tropical fruits concept - Nutritious shiny oranges with juice in the background
Refreshing juicy oranges rolling down on a wooden table - tropical fruit
Orange slices splashing in a transparent jug filled with nutritional orange juice
Vitamin-rich orange juice pouring into a transparent glass with slices in a bowl
Filling up a glass with freshly squeezed orange juice for a breakfast drink
Freshwater being sprinkled on nutritious juicy Mandarin oranges in a basket
Middle-aged Indian businessman talking to a client while working on a laptop
A happy lady of a village having fresh and healthy food during her pregnancy
Loving husband feeding and caressing his pregnant wife - maternity / pregnancy care
Smiling woman in her early twenties eating a bowl of freshly made hot noodles
Young girl enjoys eating noodles from a bowl while working on her laptop
Happy pretty teenager celebrating her birthday alone at night - new normal concept
Cheerful Indian lady eating pasta / junk food in the kitchen - late-night food cravings
Hungry-sad female feeling lonely while having dinner late at night in her kitchen
Portrait of a young woman eating snacks while browsing her smartphone
Female cook adding salt from a spice box to the boiling pasta - home-style cooking
Indian woman stirring boiling penne pasta with a wooden spatula - home cooking
Portrait of a happy housewife drinking aromatic tea / coffee in the morning
Charming Indian woman doing a video call from her smartphone - distant communication
Cheerful Indian businesswoman talking on a video conference call from her home
Portrait of a young Indian woman having a freshly prepared delicious dessert
Indian home baker / food blogger with a freshly prepared cake - baking concept