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Beautiful green grassy paddy field during daytime in India - healthy food
Hands of an Indian farmer examining fresh rice plant in the organic paddy field
Still shot of a beautiful agricultural field of rice during daytime in an Indian farm
Young agricultural laborer checking fresh rice plants at the farm in India - Village Scene
Moving shot of ears of rice in the paddy field during daytime - agriculture concept in Indian village
Closeup shot of ripened rice ears ready for harvesting in India - farming concept - Village Scene
Pan shot of young cauliflower grows in the agricultural field of a farmer in India - Village Harvest
Pan shot of golden rice ears swinging in the wind during daytime in India
Still shot of yellow-green rice field in village during daytime in India - organic farming
Hands of an Indian farmer examining rice plants at his village farm in India - healthy food
Beautiful landscape view of yellow-green paddy field with the foggy sky in the background
Indian farmer gently touching fully grown rice crops in an organic paddy field - farming concept
Back view of an Indian farmer wandering in the agricultural fields of ripened rice plants
Indian farmer making stacks of harvested rice at Delhi/NCR, India - manual farming concept in the village
A group of Indian farmers in village threshing rice by hands at the paddy field - farming concept
Indian farmer walking in the field with a stack of harvested rice crops - harvest season
Young farmers threshing newly harvested rice stalks by hands - Delhi/NCR, India
Closeup shot of a farmer beating rice stalks on a drum to remove rice grains in India
Two young agricultural laborers threshing paddy in an Indian traditional way of farming
Top view of beautifully plated samosas with a bowl of tomato sauce - Indian street food
Still shot of a plate of delicious samosas served with masala chai(tea) in India
Red tomato sauce poured on a delicious samosa stuffed with potato filling - Indian cuisine
Fresh peas poured on a deep-fried crispy samosa in a ceramic white plate - Indian food
Closeup shot of an Indian woman eating hot and spicy samosa with ketchup - snack time
Woman's hand dipping crispy samosa into tomato ketchup while having masala chai(tea)
Hands of a woman decorating samosa plate with a coriander leaf at home in India
Indian woman's hand putting a bowl of tomato sauce in a samosa plate - snack time
Closeup shot of a samosa plate rotating on a turntable while pouring ketchup - Indian snack