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An Indian housewife is mixing Haldi / turmeric in a bowl of raw mangoes - Indian condiments
A senior male patient is eating fruits while recovering from deadly disease in the hospital bed - hospital diet, patient diet
An Indian housewife is transferring mango pickle in a glass jar - Aachar, an Indian condiment, a homemade recipe
A big brown cat is looking through a cage - a Feline
Young girl eating high-calorie food, hamburger/ burger - health risk concept, lip-smacking food, fast food
Women relaxing at home - eating cookies and listening to music on headphones, high sugar content, unhealthy lifestyle, binge eating
Smiling hungry young woman greedily eating plate full of junk food - unhealthy diet, cheat meal, unhealthy food concept
A little sick boy is eating a vegetarian sandwich in the hospital - healthy food, hospital food, bland food
A middle-aged farmer feeding his beautiful wife - Indian village scene, relationship and bonding, romantic village couple
Lower middle class family in India - mother and daughter sitting on the floor, middle-aged woman, cutting vegetables, household work
Corn kernels scattered / rolled onto a glass table - sweet corn, agricultural produce
Rajasthan, Pushkar, India, 11th November 2019, A laborer using an ox / bull to take out sesame seed / Til oil, old style oil milling, kachi ghani tel
Rajasthan, Pushkar, India, 11th November 2019, Closeup shot of making wraps at street side shop
Black cola / cold drink is being poured in a transparent glass - dark fizzy drink, refreshing drink, aerated drinks
Crispy crunchy French fries falling on a plate with a burger - fast food, American cuisine
A slice of bun with sesame seeds falling - a vegetarian burger
Closeup shot of a street vendor making Chana / Chole - Indian chickpea, street vendor, street food
A glass of plum juice with fresh plums kept on the table
A couple of red plum fruit rolling down a wooden chopping board on a jute mat - a healthy fruit
Slicing a red plum using a sharp knife - refreshing drink, fruit juice, healthy fruit drink
Refreshing plum juice is poured into a tall glass with ice cubes - healthy fruit drink, fruit juice, fresh juice
Golden yellow crispy and crunchy cornflakes falling into the milk - healthy eating, rich in fiber
Crispy and crunchy cornflakes dropping into a white bowl - nutritious food
Milk is poured into a ceramic bowl with cornflakes - morning breakfast, healthy eating
Cornflakes in a white ceramic bowl with fruits - banana slices, healthy eating, dieting, fat loss
Milk is poured from the top into a cornflakes bowl - morning breakfast, healthy cereals
A couple of banana slices falling into a cornflakes bowl - morning breakfast, wholesome diet, healthy breakfast, quick breakfast recipe
Close shot of cornflakes falling in a pile - morning cereals, morning breakfast