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Indian farmer happily talking over a phone call - agricultural field in background
Young tractor sales man handling the keys to the farmer - New owner of the tractor
Indian farmer having a deal for the red tractor with the dealer - Dealing concept
Educated Indian farmer learning new things on a laptop - technology concept
Young happy farmer happily smiling at his new red color tractor for his agricultural field
Young attractive farmer happily standing beside his brand new tractor
Close up shot of a young woman getting ready to go for work - village life in India
Young Indian Married Couple - Playing ludo board game sitting on floor. Priceless expressions of shock, happiness and jealousy
Stock footage of a man collecting a cotton crop from field
HD video of an Indian farmer plucking white cotton bolls
HD Stock video of a farmer pulling off cotton from the bush
Closeup stock video of a farmer ploughing his agricultural land with a tractor
Stock video of a farmer driving a tractor for ploughing the field
Close shot of a farmer planting paddy sapling in the rice field
Two farmers planting rice / paddy sapling in the mud during rainy season
A farmer ploughing rice paddy field with tractor in a rainy season - Indian Village
A pan shot of a green field of sorghum / jowar in Indian village
Indian female farmer working in the rice field in a village
Indian farmer planting rice in the rainy season - Paddy field in village
An Indian farmer planting rice seedlings in the field - Village agriculture life