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Transparent water droplets / dewdrops falling from a large leaf in the morning
Freshly prepared grilled popcorns falling on a ceramic plate kept on a white table
Sliced lemon falling inside a bowl of sprouted chickpea mixed for salad
Closeup shot of a glass of almond milkshake with almonds falling on the table
A small sack of almonds falling next to a transparent glass of almond milkshake
Closeup shot of almonds falling into a white bowl full of oats - healthy breakfast
Dry turmeric roots falling into the pile of turmeric powder - the golden spice, herbal medicine
Shot of 500 rupees Indian currency falling on the table
Closeup shot of aromatic black pepper grains falling on a wooden table
Orange marigold flower petals falling on Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi - Ganesh Chaturthi
Rainwater conservation - rainy season in North India, monsoons, raindrops falling in a steel bowl, rainwater droplets
Rainwater drops falling from the green leaves of a succulent plant - natural, nature, environment
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, Rainwater falling from the Delhi metro line - rainy weather
Multicolored confetti falling / dropping on the delicious homemade cupcake
Extreme-closeup shot of particles of white refined flour falling through a steel sieve
A smart young man in casual clothes watering the plants in a beautiful garden
Water droplets / raindrops falling from a bunch of red roses outdoors - dew drops
Small water droplets falling / dropping from a beautiful Dahlia flower - raining, dew drops
Brown chickpeas falling / dropping out of jute sack in a heap - Indian legume
Nutritious kidney beans falling on a table from a brown colored gunny bag
Protein-rich yellow lentils falling down from a brown jute sack - Indian pulses
A sack full of Masoor Dal falling / dropping on a table - Augments heart health
A sack full of whole Mung Dal dropping / falling on a table - protein-rich lentils
A sack full of star anise spice falling near Jeera, red chili, and turmeric powder
Rose and marigold flower petals falling on a statue of Goddess Lakshmi and gifts - a festive season
Golden yellow pears / Naak falling in a transparent bowl full of water with bubbles
Indian spices whole black pepper and cloves falling on fox nuts / lotus seeds
Exotic spice star anise falling out of gunny bag and cinnamon kept together