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A young Indian woman applauding - smiling, appreciation, presentation at a conference, proud gesture
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 29th September 2022, A young boy on a merry-go-round with cars - leisure time
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 29 Sept 2022, Children enjoying car rides / Dodgem rides in an amusement park - leisure time, entertainment
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 29 Sept 2022, Car rides / Dodgem car rides in an amusement park, Diwali mela, local fair
Delhi, India, 29th Sept 2022, Night view of people enjoying the colorful glowing rides and swings in Amusement park
Delhi, India, 29th Sept 2022, Shot of kids enjoying the car ride at an Indian amusement park fun fair
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 29th Sept 2022, Spectacular nightlife at the amusement park with colourful rides, merry go round, local fair
An aged gentleman and his young daughter are watching television together - father daughter bonding
A young single father playing chess with her daughter - responsible father
A handsome Sikh gentleman and his young daughter watching television together - single father, responsible father
An old Indian lady with white hair taking off her specs and posing for the camera
A young Indian housewife watching a live sports event on television - cheering for country, North East Indian
A middle-aged Indian guy watching television while his wife is sewing clothes - household work, daily routine, middle-class family
Shot of a freshly prepared green tea in a cup - morning tea, beverage
Portrait of a young Indian girl listening to songs on her headphones - fun and entertainment, hooked to mobile, smiling
An old lady watching an online video/movie late at night - fun and entertainment, leisure time
A young boy is posing for the camera while doing his homework at a study table - a school student, break time
A little girl completing her school assignment sitting at her desk - focus and concentration, hardworking, girl child education
A married Indian couple with their kids - playing the fly away bird game, chidiya udd game, a childhood game
A senior businesswoman/freelance worker is doing her office work on a laptop - an internet connection
An old Indian lady watching television in night - having snacks, fun and entertainment
Three middle-aged old friends eating snacks while watching television - fun and entertainment, refreshment and snacks, party time
Three old men playing carrom together in their old age home - carrom board, an indoor game
A little girl in casual clothes watching cartoons / online videos with her parents on a mobile
Indian man working from home on laptop - putting on headphones for a video call
A young happy couple sitting on a comfortable sofa and watching television together - boyfriend and girlfriend, fun and entertainment
A handsome young man and his little daughter playing a video game - leisure time, gaming console, nuclear family
A little girl watching her favorite program on television with her parents at home - fun and entertainment, happy parenting