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Young Indian farmer talking to a bank employee - Loan for farms. Village life
Young Indian office employee sleeping on the desk, working late night - office employee
An Indian call center employee with headphones typing on a keyboard
Young beautiful woman attending a call and resolving customer query - Call center employee
A tired office employee relaxing on the desk after completing her office assignment
Portrait of a bored businessman resting on his bed after a hard day's work
Shot of a mature Indian wife helping her husband to wear a necktie
An Indian businessman wearing formals reading an important official document
Office employee wearing formals and a tie discussing business project online - Video conference call
Portrait of a cheerful office employee working on her laptop - work from home
Cheerful and smiling businesswoman working from her home office - distant work concept
Thoughtful Indian office employee checking the laptop - remote work concept
Young Indian office employee working on the laptop - work from home concept
Young Indian office employee with a car model - future aspirations
Young woman employee happily keeping five hundred rupee note in a glass jar
Indian government employee approaching villagers to inform about new policies
Young bank employee congratulating innocent Indian villager on his loan approval
Young government employee collecting information from villagers - survey concept
Young responsible government employee telling villagers about new agriculture policy - Rural lifestyle
Tired exhausted employee drinking coffee while working late night in the office
Worried Indian man counting money: Indian currency Rs 2000 notes - Making notes, calculating bills
A tensed employee drinks water in between the discussion with his boss
Female employee worried about deadline, playing with stress relieve ball
Young Indian call center agent speaking with customer
An employee having discussion / conversation with his senior in her office cabin
An Indian female call center employee attending customer complaint for resolution
A young and stressed Indian employee / boy typing on keyboard while working late night at office
A smiling female employee talking to a client on a video call on her laptop