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A smart handsome guy typing a message / chatting online on a smartphone - distant communication, a modern lifestyle, an electronic gadget
A young college girl in casual clothes exercising her right to vote by pressing a button - a fundamental right, a democratic country
A middle-aged lady / female candidate casting her vote at a voting center - elections, fundamental rights, a democratic country, Indian assembly elections
An elderly old man and his young son in discussion working on laptop - new age device use
A happy small kid wearing a red sweatshirt using a tablet - digital addiction
Nuclear Muslim family in India, Cute siblings in an ethnic dress
Indian teenage daughter helping her mother in online shopping - Mother Daughter Bonding
Pianist plays on the electronic piano at the recording studio
Pan shot of guitarist playing an electronic guitar
A professional playing electronic keyboard instrument
Closeup shot of a boy playing the electronic keyboard
Pan shot of Indian musician playing electronic keyboard instrument
Young Indian talented boy playing an electronic keyboard instrument
A middle-aged attractive man wearing traditional clothes talking on his mobile - leisure time
A middle-aged businessman with a black mustache doing his office work on a laptop - working from home, business deadline
A beautiful Muslim woman in her forties talking on her smartphone / mobile - an electronic gadget, internet connection
A modern Indian villager working on his laptop while sitting on a woven cot - an electronic gadget, internet technology
A pretty young college student changing television channels using a remote control - an electronic device, channel surfing, entertainment
A pretty woman wearing a white Kurti and colorful Chunni checking her mobile - messaging, Holi celebrations, an electronic gadget, young couple
A handsome guy in traditional wear scrolling / browsing his mobile on Holi - an Indian festival, an electronic gadget, internet connection
College friends browsing the internet and enjoying tea together at home - an electronic device, leisure time
A young college student casting her vote by pressing a button on an electronic machine - elections, fundamental rights, a democratic country
A handsome educated father helping his adorable son in completing his homework - Indian nuclear family in their bedroom
Three generations family members watching television - family bonding, spending quality time, screen use, joint family
An attractive woman in her thirties talking on her phone - relaxing on a rocking chair, free quality time
A handsome Indian dad and his cute son using a laptop together at home - movie time, electronic device
A young businessman in casual clothes typing an important e-mail on his laptop - digital addiction, work from home, digital devices in room
An affectionate mother in casual clothes patting her sleeping son on the sofa - love and care, parenting, mother-son bonding