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A woman putting a 10 Rupee coin inside her piggybank - monthly savings, future planning, financial planning, monthly savings
Old Delhi, India, 21st September 2018, A footage of a busy and crowded marketplace in Old Delhi - commercial business
A cheerful Indian farmer counting money while sitting near a tubewell - farm subsidy, bumper crop harvest, agricultural profit, monthly income
An adorable girl from an Indian village putting money in her piggybank - educational loan, child financial literacy, monthly saving
A happy Indian farmer in Kurta Pajama calculating his last month's salary - salary, farm produce income
A cheerful girl from a village shaking her piggy bank - finance and budget
Happy Indian woman calculating her last month's savings - future investment
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 17th November 2021, Business exhibition during COIVD times
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Timelapse shot of people attending the exhibition wearing masks
Piggybank for saving. Pig shaped piggy bank. Finance, Saving, Money
Indian businessman in casual clothes - saving money and financial planning
Woman's hand putting coins inside a clay pot with mud - growing money savings
Female hand putting a coin inside her piggy bank - savings and investment
A young businesswoman's hand holding bank currency notes for payment of bills
Modern females using debit / credit card to make online shopping on mobile
Indian teenage daughter helping her mother in online shopping - Mother Daughter Bonding
Girl relaxing on mother's lap helping her put card details for online shopping
Pretty Indian girl watering the notes in plant pot - Saving money for future, Investment
Attractive Indian working woman counting Indian currency notes and tensed
Tax Time - Tilt shot of a notification or a reminder to file tax returns in India
Zoom in shot of colorful 'Tax Time' words beautifully arranged on a blue platform
Top view shot of "Tax Time" words beautifully arranged on the blue platform
Tilt shot of the word "Stocks" composed with colorful letters on a blue platform
Zoom in shot of a sand clock and "Tax Time" words composed with plastic letters
Moving shot of plastic letters forming the word "Income" - business/finance concept
Closeup shot of a sand clock and "Tax Time" words composed with plastic letters
Zoom in shot of colorful letters spelling the word "Income" - earnings concept
Closeup shot of a sand clock and "Income Tax" words composed with plastic letters